APP Developer Rewards (Discussion)

What if someone created a popular messaging app on the network and decided to increase the number of GET requests as a means to increase their safecoin earnings? Could that be a way to game this system?

Would the number of ‘downloads’ of an app be a beneficial metric when determining how this 10% is earned by the app creators? Is there any way that human ‘engagement’ (a hugely important metric) could be quantified and used as a means of app reward? Perhaps time spent by users on with the application open would also be a good metric - time after all is a finite resource… at least for humans :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ll get farming rewards for simple messaging. If you share files as messages you need to spend safecoin on them, so that takes care of that. And then if you want to use an application that ‘GETS’ hugely on a single file that file will eventually get cached and no more farming will come from that file. You have to spend safecoin on files, or people need to spend safecoin on files. If they’re getting them back then that’s legit.

Key is if you target some one file eventually your app won’t generate farming for others and you won’t get app rewards. It’s better time spent making something useful than building to game the system. You’ll likely not get too far with that.


@neo, you may want to add this thread to the OP. It goes into detail about various payment solutions that could also apply to PtP.

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I say no. Producers has a choice to sell the datastructure to somebody. Set it as private(shared+key). The key is a serial number to the datastructure. You sell the keys to the users.

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Doesn’t attaching a smart contract give the ability todo this ?

This is what I’m asking myself also and what does prevent somebody from the chosen group, making short after he downloaded the app and trying it, to fork it, make small changes, and publish its own version which maybe gets voted into the store …

Thank you! Sorry, I really don’t mean to give out incorrect info! I just try to understand the info.

But you totally answered my question. Thank you very much for your thorough reply, I really appreciate the time


And to everyone else, I can’t believe any of you are against PtP.

If you bought SafeCoin, and care about it’s major success, and want to see it grow in utility and price, you NEED a strong network, and PtP (if done right, of course, but MaidSafe has done so many things right so far so I believe they can do it, or at least give the world a solid start on it) can make the network SOOOO much more attractive to data producers in every field.

If people can make money, everyone in every corner of the world will be inspired and very motivated to create useful, world-changing content across all the arts, sciences, entertainment mediums, etc etc and SAFE will EXPLODE in use and popularity.


If the economics don’t work, it will fail in its goals. That failure may be severe enough to suffocate the network before it ever gets off the ground. That really would be a terrible thing, not just for investors, but freedom lovers alike.

We must not let idealism blind us to reality.


Did you read the threads above and answer the problems raised?

Because I haven’t seen mine addressed, and they are pretty major.

I am all for rewarding users. The network just doesn’t have very good tools for doing so. It is just WAY too stupid. And it ought to be.

Paying for the sake of paying just makes your wealth dwindle.

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I would support a tipping system, where the user can donate to the producer. I don’t support a system which encourages bloating and gaming the network.



Would someone be so kind as to compare and contrast n99’s thoughts on the matter with what PtP proposes? (The app can be coded to give a portion of their revenue to the content creators)

I just thought we were all on board, PtP is one of the most exciting things about SAFE, I’m my opinion I thought that was the idea

I apologize if it seems rude

The poll is very telling at the moment (around 33% for all options), and I am very excited to see further threads on this topic.

In general, take movies.

Once the world is running on SAFE, how could movie makers make any money on their multi-million movie productions in the future without PtP?

They’d spend all this money on making a movie, and then one person gets a hold of it, puts it on SAFE, and everybody watches it for free on an uncensorable, anonymous network.

If we had PtP, at least creative people could actually make money.

SAFE offers piracy to an incredible level, that PtP is the only way art / movie / music / anything creators can actually make money in the future.

Without PtP, everything just ends up on SAFE anyway, but nobody earns anything… (except the farmers…)

If you are investing millions in making blockbusters and you expect people who are watching it for free to somehow pay your bills, and give you a profit, you missed some economics someplace.

And that is why it won’t work… The market isn’t allowed to intelligently set prices, because it cannot know what the content is – The total pool of money to be given out is paid by those storing the data – and they ought not be willing to pay 12 bucks a ticket worth of profit to the blockbuster when they are just trying to securely store data…

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They’d spend all this money on making a movie, and then one person gets a hold of it, puts it on SAFE,

If we had PtP, at least creative people could actually make money.

Contradiction. That one person who put it on network, will get 10 percent of income. So this means PtP is not viable. It incentive users to steal popular songs, and put it on safe to earn safecoins.


Yes but that’s only at the beginning, for a little bit, but after that, ALL new content can be uploaded first by the original creator, who will always have first mover advantage, so it will be a sustainable system in the future.

But yeah, at the beginning, everyone’s gonna put popular stuff they didn’t create but that’s that and it’s not enough to not go forward with it

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That is a False Dillema fallacy. There are certainly other ways that content can be rewarded on the network. (EDIT: But perhaps not necessarily by the network) Hell, some that are even point-blank the same business models that are active on the current web.

@whiteoutmashups Where is all of this money going to come from?

The media industry is not going to survive on 10 percent of the upload charges unless uploads are insanely high — And if that is the case nobody will upload, and there will be nothing to go around.

First mover isn’t really too appealing at a few cents a copy… Apple is paying 70% to the labels…

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This is not really a concern of the network at a protocol level. The network should not care what the content is.

I understand the frustration of content creators. Their works can easily be reproduced, which makes the economics tricky for those affected. PtP will not solve this and may well damage the core network though.