App "Builders" don't get paid once their App gets "cached?"

Didn’t know that at all! Thanks a bunch for clearing that up for me! Makes much more sense now.

So it’s like, the app itself is what’s getting cached, just so it can run faster, but that doesn’t affect (lower) the rewards it’s earning while everyone is using it for various things on the network.

Thx again that was a key point I was missing here

No, that’s not it either. The User, through the Client, RUNS the app on the Client-side. The Client accesses file chunks through the app. The app then gets paid as part of the farming process. Basically the App Builder gets one shot at a safecoin for every seven a farmer does.

So a popular app will be being used to make GETs of all different types, from all over the network.

Your question about caching is not particularly related to any particular app, popular or not. It has more to do with popular files. See “opportunistic caching” in the SAFE Network Glossary.


Ok this makes sense. Kinda just like the app is just a lens that is used to view files on the network.

I’ll check out that link

EDIT: just checked it out. Looks like it would make a cool infograpgic / gif. But thx it helped :smiley:


My understanding is that both are rewarded, not just one of these.

By “OF the app” I mean downloading the app itself, as a data package.

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Unfortunately one Gets by the app, otherwise apps would need to register their chunk names etc. However, Pay the Producer does introduce paying the up loader of content (so app builders included)

The current thinking though is PtP is good but may have issues. Again though delaying the implementation (very simple) of PtP for 12-18 months may allow all older data to be uploaded without payment. Then it’s much more likely clean data is being uploaded and via web sites and artist sites especially people can know the actual artist and get their art from their (art includes apps I see, maybe all digital info == art, in any case the network will think it is).

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…please don’t do this…

Soon we will debate it even more. The code is simple for sure but the community seemed violently opposed to it. I believe incorrectly, but certainly there was enough push back to make me for sure ask again. I am time limited to debate too much right now but in a couple of weeks I think we can really drill down into this one. I very much like it and spoke to artists who have paid a fortune to remove themselves form the old net as they were not rewarded and they loved PtP which shows some interest.

We will get to the bottom of all the issues I am sure, well past mere pontification and feelings if we can. To me paying directly for art / creation of important stuff is something we must push for as a society, even if initially wobbly and improving over time. We can make that happen I think and I feel sure the autonomous nature of SAFE is a critical and required component of that.


Sorry! Don’t mean to pontificate :slight_smile:

Just want to upload my mashup music and get some $$$ but I’m sure you guys will make the right decision

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A small (non-representative?) but very vocal few. A period of grace may be prudent and appease some but either the SAFE network pays, or else a fork will ultimately do this and be more useful to the end user (as it will have more ‘content’). 12-18 months seems in the right ballpark but possibly on the long side for my liberal non-copyright caring philosophies, 3-6 months seems plenty :slight_smile:


2 months max :slight_smile:

But the team is looking at much more data than I and speaking to many more people so I trust their decision over my opinion.

Honestly tho if a fork comes out that I can make money in with my mashups instead, i’ll probably use it until the MaidSafe version comes out with it too

But that’s my 2¢ I’ll be quiet now…

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I agree with you on the benefits of PtP (App Builders and Content Creators). The amount of mass adoption appeal is enormous!

My main concern is about payout sustainability. Safecoin is deflationary (limited supply) which makes it hard to payout infinitely… if the recycling doesn’t replenish fast enough.

I’m posting this part for the future debate in favor of PtP.

One possible solution is to use an inflationary alternative currency, allowing the SAFE Network pay out forever.

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting we make Safecoin inflationary. I’m suggesting we try using SAFE GB to reward PtP (App Builders and Content Creators).


  • The SAFE Network has infinite generation potential, enhanced by deduplication.
  • It encourages more PUT activity, which in turn attracts more farmers.
  • Code development would need to tweak the PUT balance, but doable.
  • It’s consumable which slows the inflation rate.
  • It’s better suited to deal with infinite GET demand.

Unless reverse-exponentials (called “asymtopes”, right?) are used, like they are in many other parts of the network

We can keep paying out smaller and smaller amounts of Safecoin. But then we have the “low hanging fruit” situation. Those who got in early get the most benefit.

I’m not against early adopter advantages. I’m trying to foster “continuous” economic growth, using a near infinite resource to deal with an infinite demand.

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How would SAFE GB function? I keep hearing about it but have no idea what it is.

Here’s the original post detailing the idea.

So the network would pay in SAFE GB and users could us SAFE GB to store data on the network or trade it for fiat?

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Would SAFE GB be infinitely inflationary and SAFE coin would remain a store of value with deflation?

Edit: sounds like the best of both worlds.

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PtP (Apps and Content) reward = SAFE GB
Farmers (Vaults) reward = Safecoin

Exactly as you stated.

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This sounds to good to be true. Makes both the inflation and deflation camps happy. As a hard core deflation store of value anti theft advocate, I love this idea.