Apache Foundation bans projects from using React's “BSD+Patent” Code

Will someone help me gain legal insight into the meaning of this? What effect does this have on us for using React?


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Not sure if it’s an overreaction or not, but Preact is almost a drop-in replacement with a more permissive license (MIT).


Great article I’m reading to learn a bit more legalese:

In our case, beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator, which uses React, uses ffi bindings to interface with core libraries.

Is this mix of libraries to be considered as a legal whole or are the core libraries considered separate from the library that serves the UI?

In other words, the core libraries have absolutely no dependency on React. Since they are being used together in one application with React, are they legally bound?

I can’t give an answer @hunterlester it needs checking out.

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It appears there’s little or nothing to be concerned with regarding ReactJS patent grant.

As the author in the article states, it’s still prudent to stay abreast of new information.

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