Anyone read Zuboff's The Age of Surveilance Capitalism?

Its seems to pertain to the privacy aspect of SAFE but even more so the freedom and security open access aspects. I wasn’t aware or at least consciously of the control aspect. Of course I knew it was control but always thought of it as indirect on the individual level aside from things like modal windows and loss of scroll control but as her central thesis states, selling prediction becomes literally direct control of behavior to get at better predictions and higher profits. Her talk about the “uncontract” and how destructive that could be was also shocking to me because my reflex has been to see contract in a negative light. Her “uncontract” is like a new more implict social contract where the garbage in EULAs and DRM are utterly tepid. I take away so far that the AR gamification of our physical surroundings is not about better logistical control or self driving reducing traffic or telecommuting increasing time with family. No its Black Mirror’s take on social credit (but black boxed) combined with increasingly dystopian levels of control over our physical lives and bodies driving ever increasing levels of erratic busy work and loss of personal agency. As she says we get authored for profit.
Its like a game where players are converted to NPCs. So even if you think all this is bs, I can tell you the book is rage inducing. Some critics wrote her writing is flowery and repetitive. That is nonsense if someone isn’t sleep reading she is really good at pissing you the F off.


I’ve not read it but have added to my list. Fascinating analysis, we are heading toward a dark future if this is not widely understood. Combine such issues with machine brain interfaces driven by corporate owned IP we have a serious problem.

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