Anyone looked into XtraByte?

Their reddit/slack channel is very active. However I didn’t find any simple easy to read overview about what they are trying to solve. Anyone looked into this project? Apparently they have a new consensus algorithm (Proof of Signature).

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Just had a quick look. It seems the project is very new (7 months old). There is no ICO which is interesting in itself - perhaps that bubble has burst? They have identified a couple of areas where blockchain proof of work is deficient (energy usage, tendency towards centralisation) and have developed their own proprietary networking algorithm with a new(?) consensus mechanism called Proof of Signiture. The non-technical white paper fails to explain the benefits while also being techie enough to confuse the layman, and there is an obvious love of important-sounding acronyms (e.g STATIC - Services Transactions and Trusted in Control; VITALS - Virtual Information Transmissions Aligning STATICS) which to my mind obfascates rather than clarifying.

The roadmap puts the project at the stage of ‘marketing blitz’, so I guess that’s what we’re seeing now :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree! Maybe one to watch in the future but so far, as @dirvine might say, ‘pure marketing’ (and not very good marketing at that).