Anyone know how to get a screw through plywood?

Super random question.

I’m making benches along the sides of my van so my friends won’t just have to sit wherever anymore lol

I cut all the plywood so I have all the pieces, but every time I hammer the wood nail to get it “set” it bends, and I am having trouble ramming it deep enough with just my hands and my screwdriver.

Lol I’ll YouTube it but I just wanted to start a post too :slight_smile:

I need Jesus (Carpenter version)

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As @jreighley said pre-drill.

In case you are really new to this, read below otherwise no need :slight_smile:

Since it is ply wood, make sure you have the correct wood screws and the size of the hole is the diameter of the ?shank? of the screw. The non thread part of the screw so that the screw has “bite” into the ply wood.

No need to counter sink most wood screws since the ply wood will typically crush enough to make the screw flush with the top of the ply wood. But if not then counter sink the screw hole too.


So I’ll need to get a power drill?

Yes this would be the most effective way of working.
Otherwise you will need handwork tools and then you’ll be working really old-school; and even need more handiness.

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Thx guys! Rented one from Home Depot. Lots of learning involved, but finished the bench-cubbies in my van! :smiley: