Anyone have experience using

Just wondering how easy it is to use.

What happens if the App stops (internet/power/etc problems)


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Yeah it’s the exchange we use for SAFE-FS coin. It’s great, very simple software to use, totally decentralized so it can never be “down,” p2p by just connecting buyers and sellers and if there’s a dispute a community mod can come in and help settle.

There’s many successful BTC trades on there all day with many payment methods and we’ve had SAFE-FS coin trades without any issue for a while now.

Highly recommend. #1 decentralised p2p BTC / crypto / fiat exchange


@whiteoutmashups, What is the current refundable deposit. I saw two different figures.

Just asking before I install any apps

Hmm not sure on that, I usually did large multi BTC trades but I’m surprised there isn’t a definitive answer online. Have you tried their forums? The top dogs / devs themselves usually are quite responsive. Usually within a few hours you can get an answer straight from them