Anyone fancy mocking up some flyer designs?

Was thinking it would good to have some official flyer that us fanboyz could print off and distribute after launch locally. I know you can hit a lot of people through social media, but I think an exponentially increasing number of fans would give up an afternoon to publicize the safenetwork in our local areas too and this would help us branch/spread outside of the usual social networks.

It’s an easy sell…

“Are you horrified and appalled at the level of government snooping with all your texts, emails, phone calls being recorded and stored? Are you tired of hearing and worrying about online fraud and hackers stealing your data and your money? Then stop using the old internet and join us at safenetwork. It’s simple, it’s free, it’s safe and it belongs to all of us…”

Well, just some thoughts to kick off the discussion really. I don’t know much about gfx and I’m not technically literate enough or informed enough to write the blurb either; I do think it’s a good idea though and the wife and I will definitely go out and hand them out around town etc if someone produces them - we can’t be the only ones can we?



Great idea. Focus less on the FUD and more on the benefits MAID brings, security, storage, etc… Most of all the opportunity to earn MONEY/SAFECOIN will appeal the masses.


Great idea. However, that should be on hold until when safenet goes beta. You don’t want to hype it up when there is nothing on the table yet. That’s like hyping a game 3 years prior to release. You don’t do that. This is marketing strategy which means… timing attacks. Hyping it up 3-6 months before release is usually the sweet spot.

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Oh absolutely! I wasn’t suggesting we distribute now, just that we get the ball-rolling with designs etc so it’s all ready. Even if testnet gets put back again it can’t hurt to spend more time and have more people contribute to make it really persuasive. I agree that there is no point in doing publicity until everyone is happy with your average Jo being able to use it and it works as it’s supposed to.

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great point… But are we not well within the sweetspot? You post suggests not. :slightly_smiling:

I’d say when they actually get an active network connection going and people can actually start exchanging data then that would be the sweet spot. When the network goes “Alpha” and we’re actually using the SAFE net to message one another and upload data, with or without safecoin. Then that’ll be the sweet spot.

And I have some publishing skills and have been thinking of making up panphlets and flyers anyway. Might make some beta tests before we’re ready to release. What do we have in the way for art or pictures to put on said publications?

Brilliant! Good on you :slight_smile:

Nice. So alpha is not far off and the planning and execution of any marketing material could well intersect alpha if started now. “It’s never too late to start early planning”.