Anyone else up for a IPv6 vault community safe network?

I’ve got a raspberry Pi with Arch Linux OS and safe vault installed doing nothing but collect dust due to the fact that the current community safe network is IPv4 only.

what’s the reason for you to not collaborate on the ipv4 network? ISP-NAT?

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My experiences with IPv4 and NAT on clearnet have been so terrible,
that I automatically assumed it being impossible to collaborate,
and only now do I realize that this wouldn’t be a problem for safe vaults.

I’ll add it tonight.

My terrible experiences with IPv4 and NAT.

I have a small hobby site hosted on IPv6 only, because IPv4 requires me to open up Port 80 and 443.
The problem is that I’m also running a personal cloud on those same ports.
I’ve tried switching those ports for my personal cloud, but something was hardcoded to use those ports only.
I’ve tried switching my personal cloud to IPv6, but my phone is IPv4 only.

I wasted hours on that, it was also not the first time I had such issues, and I kept thinking
“If only IPv6 was used everywhere, then this wouldn’t be such an issue.”.