Anyone else sick of discourse automatically deleting Quotes when you fully quote a small post?

Basically as the topic title says.

A recent update to discourse now deletes quotes from your reply if the quote is the whole post that you are quoting from.

Many times I have replied to a small post and quoted the whole of it. Only to find that discourse edits my posts and removes the quote.

How useless and potentially disadvantageous is that to following a topic when your reply then has no context.

@frabrunelle, is there any way to disable this? At least when the quote is below say 300 characters.


I’ve had the same once. I kept editing my post because I thought I was doing something wrong. Then the edit showed me that I couldn’t quote a whole post. I removed the dot from the end of the quoted sentence to keep the quote.

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Yes, there was a recent update that added a feature called Removal of full quotes from direct replies.

Personally, I think it makes sense because it only removes the quote if the quote is from the immediate preceding post. You can quickly see the context by looking at the immediate preceding post.

How does this feature work?

The new feature is actually quite simple:

  • IF a user adds a quote at the start (and only at the start) of their post
  • AND the quote is of an entire post
  • AND the quote is from the immediate preceding post

THEN we remove the quote.

Why was this feature added?

Quoting the entirety of the previous post caused unnecessary duplication. WIthout full quote removal, users end up reading the exact same thing twice.


Yes, it’s possible to turn it off.

How can I turn it off?

As a site admin, disable the remove full quote site setting.

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OK, so its only for the immediate post above. I can live with that easy enough. And context is not lost I suppose. Although some replies I’ve seen were for the post above but it was mighty hard to see context.

And like the 20 chars it can be gotten around by just removing one char if the quote is really needed. (20 chars you add dots etc)

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