Anyone at black hat Europe?

I’d say I’m the one with a madesafe t-shirt walking around, but I’ve not been in one place long enough to organise one. Oops.


@SarahPentland something to file away untill the right time arrives to attend shows like these? I know Safe has been at crypto events before but SAFENet is so much more.

Am wondering around this show today, it is broadly about, data security, network security, machine learning security - which is mostly the areas the non-coin part of the safe project is about. Opertunity to get the “more than just a coin” message out there?

Many well known security companies are here, for example CloudFlare. I think a lot of the exhibitors and security service providers here would be interested in the SAFENet project, as well as the visitors.

Looking about the exhibition, SAFENet could also probably replace the business models of half the businesses here though.


Nice idea but sponsorship of these events doesn’t come cheap (£5,000 to £40,000). A bit too rich at this stage when there’s nothing to sell IMO.

Please challenge people there to hack the SAFE Network. Your security expert you say? Proof it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not yet though. It would be easy since the security is not yet complete.


It might be easy now, but it will give us an idea (until now nobody has try to hack the network (ddos doesn’t count). It would also be funny, because this year they can maybe brag on the internet that they’ve hacked the SAFE Network (no publicity = bad publicity), next year they’ll be begging Maidsafe on the SAFE Network to get at least a few clues where to start hacking if at all possible.

bitcoin is constantly bombarded attacks/hacks should be encouraged it’s the best way to get an security fix.

Thanks for keeping us updated @Zoki. Would be interested to hear what else you learned during the conference.

Hope your t shirt is getting lots of attention!


David has also said it is not yet ready for serious attacks like what you suggested. Need to be in beta at least. Without node aging or datachains, a serious attack is too easy to be of any use at all.


Lol. No t-shirt. Haha