Anybody up for a blockchain-based MaidSafe Trading Card for Spells of Genesis?

Card Theme Ideas: Underground caverns with blind (secure) ant-like farmers farming and ant-like protectors guarding the vast underground vaults… Should have something signifying that we are not using blockchain technology. Perhaps broken chains hanging around the soldiers necks. A little bit of symbolism of casting the chains off

I also think some symbolism should be in the flavor of the card that demonstrates Farming being positive and Mining being a thing of the past. Perhaps part of the chains being broken were from the past where the “ants” were forced to Mine and now they use those tunnel networks (a nod to mining) to Farm.

another edit: Not sure about the history of the world that the cards represent but a big part of maidsafe is people can store data in the vaults. Perhaps this is too much but I throw it out there anyway. The card flavor could show that people can bring valuables to the “ants” to store in their vaults for safe keeping. They had to fight to be free and now they will also fight to keep valuables for others free from thieves and such.

This gives me an idea to write a little allegorical fantasy short story as my own nod to SAFE :wink:


The game itself is Android and iOS based so it cannot run on the Safe Network. Trading Cards and BitCrystals (BCY) are Counterparty assets. This is not about selling cards as the team has different ways to monetize the game it is merely about representing the top projects as part of the Game Story, based on a bitcoin/blockchain allegory. If you look at the link posted in the OP we have cards for many of the top projects and having MaidSafe onboard makes sense as it is one of the top projects. For instance we have a card for Storj, would be great to have one for MaidSafe too.

Thanks for the question, I would have posted more links but I’m limited to two links per post as a newbie on this forum. So EverdreamSoft is the game studio. This is the SoG website and is where the cards store is with more info about BitCrystals and what they are for.

Spells of Genesis is similar to Magic The Gathering however with a different story and trading cards being non-physical assets but blockchain-based on Counterparty. Each card has a character and specific powers and strenghts. users can earn cards by simply playing the game itself or in other cases purchase blockchain-based ones that are released once a week by the team. It is about building a strong deck (4 cards per game) to allow players to beat their opponents.

In the future there will be multiplayer added as well as tournaments with rewards.

That is a good idea, keep em coming guys!

I had heard of this before but only just checked it out since you posted here. Very cool. Il get it on android when it is out !

Safe network is revolution to the internet and be able to run any code or device including android and IOS, the safe network in its design can have digital assets built into any game. Safe coin it self could be said it is a digital asset of the network.
maidsafe team has never promoted the network and lets people decide it own value, other crypto coin tec have gone out of their way to ignore maidsafe. But people are learning from there self how valuable it is to the world and is a game changer. Now it is becoming popular people want to ride the back of it’s success and feel spell of genesis want to use it name to sell cards. i feel it is insulting to the community member’s whom have been here for years where the bitcoin community has said safe network is vaporware.

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. I think any exposure that isn’t smearing is good exposure whether someone benefits a little or a lot as long as it’s not coming out of the projects assets. Although maidsafe IS NOT BLOCKCHAIN BASED. I think that should be stated in the game and even be a feature or power of the card. I don’t know squat about this game but people love these kinds of things so let them have some fun, maidsafe could be their favorite card in the game.


Fair comments however the game is to be dowloaded from the Android and Apple stores so not sure how the safe network could allow that. And no we are not trying to ride the wave, just today I have reached out to 3 other projects, we do this with all projects we think are valuable.


We can make sure that there is no association with blockchain for the MaidSafe card, would be good to have more ideas as the one from @chadrickm above, we want you guys to be happy with the character and the text that goes with the card.

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Great ideas @chadrickm.

@cryptobubble This community is very fond of Ant Themes. To understand why see the following article.

We also use ANT (Autonomous Network Technology). Here’s a discussion thread showing how we came up with the acronym.


I think this is a great idea , i am currently second or top of the leader board for waves completed during this stage 3 beta test .

The idea of Ants has already been mentioned , i have a collection of a nice amount of cards as well and most of them are singular “mobs” as such , perhaps applying a hive mind like idea/creature/animal to the card , multiple creatures working towards a singular goal . Edit : like ant’s but not just 1 giant ant on the screen but a hive colective working together towards a goal where their strength is together not alone

For those who don’t know what the game is , it is a trading card/android app game. With unique trading cards hosted on the blockchain over counterparty , smart assets that are trading cards for the game.

The game is more like playing a story and getting an idea of the history of crypto currency while playing a little fun android game , having a maidsafe card as part of the game would be a great addition and is similar to someone writing a book about maidsafe , it would offer advertisement and offers a great little storyboard about crypto currency while being a nice little game to play that is beyond anything that has been done before with digital assets.


Totally agree on these points and I’ve edited my post above to include some of these ideas as well.


Thanks for sharing, that’s what we are looking for. The team designers are pretty good and having a theme to start with makes things easier.

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Thanks for helping explain and congrats for being on top of the leaderboard! I have a loooong way to go! :slight_smile:

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Just for fun, check this out. You’ll need the SAFE Launcher to view my card game site link below. Yes, I actually made “physical” card games awhile back. Unfortunately, they did not get as popular, since online “digital” cards are the new trend. But I thought it would be fun to post my site on SAFE.


I’m no longer making card games and my time is so thin right now with other things… mainly consulting other APP projects for SAFE, and our farming operation co-op. But that’s not until vaults are released.


Thanks for sharing! Will check it out! Don’t give up can always try again or something new maybe?

On another note are there any existing images of ants in MaidSafe marketing material, website or channels? Just to see how they like to represent them?

Just saw this for the T-Shirt design:

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One of our forum members @we_advance has created several ant images, I’m sure he can send you the source file for something you’d be interested in emulating.

Just look up threads with the title “Open Invite Ants” and you’ll find his images. Here’s one…

This is my favorite!

I don’t know of any Ant images from MaidSafe other than Project SAFE stuff.


I think we got the idea, shouldn’t be hard to get something on theme. I have also contacted the team on their contact page on the .net will see what they say.

Dear all, we have the go ahead from the MaidSafe team, our illustrators will prepare some sketches for the card and we will post them here for you to choose from. Thanks for the feedback so far. Looking forward to this. :grin: