Anybody seen this? Connect MaidSafe Library to LingoTip Translation

Seems interesting but didn’t have time to review much.


Well looks a bit complex but having a built in translation service would be a good idea.

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Looks like a very new service for connecting integrating cloud applications via APIs. Not sure how far I’d trust them as you can only find the company’s address (in PA, USA) in the Ts&Cs and you have to give a credit card number to trial it. Not many followers on Twitter either. From the home page it looks like they have just found as many cloud IaaS and SaaS services as they can to make the homepage more impressive, and I guess Maidsafe is one of those. May be one to watch though, who knows?


Thanks for taking the time to review everything you did.

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Hi everyone! Frederic Lumiere here from APIANT. I wanted to make myself available should you have any questions about our platform. In summary, we are an API Integration platform that allows citizen integrators and integration professionals alike to connect their apps via api and automate their workflows.

Our professional services (DevTeam) also offers tailor made integrations for folks that need more sophisticated logic, mapping, workflows.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions! Thanks, F

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Hi Frederic - What is a citizen integrator? Also can you provide some examples of what you’ve done?

A Citizen Integrator is a user who builds his/her own integrations and automations for their own use using our platform.

We’ve build many integrations with many APIs. Lots of accounting integrations (Intacct, Quickbooks, etc.), Project Management (Mavenlink, Asana, etc.), CRM (Streak, SalesForce, Agile CRM, etc.)…

We haven’t yet built any with the MaidSafe Library and the reason we have it listed in our catalog along with another 15,000+ API is to let our users and visitors know that the API allows for implementation on our platform.

We also work with Integration Professionals who specialize in their vertical and build integrations for their clients on our platform. We always welcome developers who have traditionally hard coded integrations in the past to discover who wondering APIANT can be for their work. With 150+ modules, each performing one specific task in the API integration (i.e. OAuth) assembled together in Assemblies to complete the implementation of API endpoints (Triggers or Actions).

Sorry, that was a long answer to a short question :slight_smile: