Anybody else tried sn_node v0.42.6

Has anyone else tried Release sn_node v0.42.6 · maidsafe/sn_node · GitHub ?

I’d be really interested to find out how others have got on with the latest update to sn_node.

I won’t lie, I have not had a good experience with any of the 0.42.n releases. Is it just me? Who else has tried this and got good results? For me I see a huge memory leak and I still see messaging format errors in the short time I can run it before all my memory is eaten. Surely I must be doing something wrong? cos I cannot see the devs allowing such (to me, anyway) poor quality code to be released. It must be passing internal tests but its not passing my own usability tests.
see ranting at Can I play around with a safe network testnet? - #139 by Southside

So I need more stories from others who have tried to run this latest version

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To add some info, there are many changes going on in several places, some of them break things temporarily, so at this point these release are not necessarily stable but are meant to just to allow us to move forward in the development of diff components and their integration faster.


OK cool, thank you.
I will roll back to v0.41.2 and carry on using that instead.

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