Anybody care to review my latest Medium article?

Hi guys

Struggling to find any proof readers/reviewers for my latest article on Medium.

In particular I need assistance with some of the technical stuff on Safecoin.

PM me or just respond here please.

Previous articles here:



I do like reading your articles so if you can send it to Dug, David Geddes and myself we’d be happy to take a peak.


hey @goindeep - msg me the link and I’ll check it out.

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Thanks guys will send in the morning I’m currently watching my AFL team the mighty Magpies whoop Richmond in a Semi final :smiley:


My mate from Perth has forced me to follow the Dockers… but I’ve got a soft spot for Collingwood too I must admit.

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Hey @goindeep , I read all of your articles on Medium. I like them so much! Imho they’re both entertaining and educational, that’s why I think they could be efficient entry-points for newbies in this world.

Moreover, I find very interesting the analogies which are recurrent in your articles. They’re perfect at describing both the values and the basis of the Safe tech through simple concepts or objects (like the automated tomatoes :tomato: machine lol). Thus, this is great for 2 reasons.

  • First, it always catches the people’s attention
  • Second, users can understand (before getting into specific tech stuff) why they need Safe.

Sometimes people are too busy explaining complex and hard things while they forget/fail to answer to the very first and fundamental question: WHY?
This is not your case, and that’s the main reason why I like your articles. Hope you appreciate my honest 2 cents

Good job, keep up the great work!


Uh sorry, was forgetting to ask you the link of your new article so I can give it a look. I’d appreciate it

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I really do appreciate that @Future :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:

There’s not a lot of things I genuinely excel at and I DO NOT even think I am a good writer but I do know how to talk to people, engage, entertain and inform them and so I guess that carries across to writing. I know and can share as much for others writing; there is no point writing something that people will not read, you have to get the reader to read what it is you are writing (basis of copy writing), depending on what you are writing it needs to be informative, interesting and or entertaining, simple and easy to read (this is a big one that too many people fail at because they are trying to appear smart or catering to the wrong audience) and in general - write how you talk and write to one person.

Its the same for any type of content really. Videos etc.

I had a really big weekend and hope to send the link out for people to review today/tomorrow.

There is another article in the works too :slight_smile:

Happy I can provide whatever value these article provide, If I could do more I would and I hope I can inspire other ants to do the same. This network is built by people for people, people are the life blood and the more we can attract the stronger we will be.



Article is up guys, feedback more than welcome :slight_smile:

Should have another one up soon.