Any update on the BambooGarden fund?

For the new members, the BambooGarden fund is a fund from generous user BambooGarden to advance Maidsafe projects that require money but for whatever reason aren’t getting funded.

Any member that wants to advance a Maidsafe goal can apply for a grant.

I am really hoping none of BambooGarden’s money gets wasted on anything frivolous.

So now I’m curious as to how much money was spent and if any special projects were completed or are in progress.



Currently the BGF is moving to Switzerland to become a part of the MaidSafe Foundation there. There is some paperwork associated with it but once that is complete, expect the BGF to go full swing!


I believe none of the money has been spent so far, you could check the balances of the deposit addresses of the BGF to find out.


That’s great news. Thanks for the update. I care about your money. A fund like this will become very useful but apparently now is not the time to spend it yet. Invest it wisely and the time will come to use it. When spending money like this, humility and caution are very important.



Please consider using a VERY small part of the fund to recompense @Josh , @folaht and @dreamerchris for their out-of-pocket expenses in getting the Comnets running. We have had it confirmed by @dirvine et al that the Comnets are a valuable part of the testing process.

If there was to be some funding put aside to ensure this can continue without relying on the generosity of the likes of @josh, we can plan Comnets better and be able to fire them up as and when required. And relieve some of the burden on the core devs.

I’m talking a couple of thousand dollars max here, a very small part of the overall fund. Obv there needs to be a written proposal around this and the mechanics of it need agreed. I’m just flying a kite here for now to guage support.

One possible idea would be for the BGF to set up a Digital Ocean or AWS account and enable access for nominated folks who are allowed to fire up the needed instances. I know this is all possible with AWS with IAM roles and budget limits, I am presuming there is something similar for DO?


What is a Comnet? Community-net?

I’ve been asking on the dev forum about the best way currently to go about hacking around with safe net tech.

I’m not planning any formal proposal or anything but would be great if something was live and open for people to develop against.

My friends and I know different programming languages so as long as something is available in any language I’m sure we can figure out a way to tinker and learn.

Hope such a process becomes available. Even through using old maidsafes GitHub releases


If you download/clone GitHub - maidsafe/safe_network: The Safe Network Core. API message definitions, routing and nodes, client core api. you will see how to build that and also run a local testnet as found safe_network/ at main · maidsafe/safe_network · GitHub

Hope that helps.


Thanks, it definitely does.

Would we be able to use the safe GitHub browser with that setup?

Not at the moment as we have let that slip. Wasm is where we are looking there.


Does that imply using non-Safe browsers or preferring WASM over NodeJS for APIs which can be used in browser and desktop?

Also native mobile - not up to date there?

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