Any thoughts on RCHAIN and the Rholang language?

I’ve been following Greg Meredith’s progress for years. With decades of experience as a developer he has turned his attention to creating a new programming language based on Rho Calculus which if successful will likely lead to solving the scalability of blockchains.
What might be the benefit of bundling a scalable blockchain client of RCHAIN within a SafeNetwork Client?
Reputation protocols? The option of time stamping hashes of data uploaded to the Safenetwork?
Here is the RChain site

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Just heard them on this podcast and found it very interesting

I think Greg Meredith is the real deal. He has the expertise, experience and tenacity to follow through and deliver on his word. He is the reason I jumped into Synereo, when Synereo said they were no longer interested in Greg’s council I followed Greg to his new endeavor at Rchain. His Rho calculus based algorithm will likely be the technology needed to make Casper scale thus giving Ethereum the life it needs to fulfill its promises. That said, it is important to remember this is all experimental and no one has a crystal ball.