Any SAFE devs/hackers at SHA2017?

Hi all,

Are there any SAFE users or developers at #SHA2017 (Still Hacking Anyway 2017)? It’s a large hackers gathering near Amsterdam currently going on with ~4000 people there, many talks on decentralized internet & cryptocurrencies. I am new to SAFE, currently trying it out, but would love to talk to other SAFE folks out there. The talks are also at BTW.




Kees I will give you 1 Maidsafecoin (ammo limited to 100 Maidsafecoin :rofl:) for every person that you get to sign up on this Forum.

You’ll also need to film them “Saying: Hello SAFE Networker Forum” and upload it here, those are the requirements :kissing_heart:

Try to get a few of them to HACK the SAFE Network if possible, we need hackers the most, to know where we stand security wise.