Any interested in buying some Maidsafe shares (equity)?

Hi guys, been a while. I am curious as to whether anyone would like to buy some shares in Maidsafe (held through the BankToTheFuture spv). I have about 47 shares (0.0034% of the company itself).

Haven’t given price much thought at this point but if anyone is interested, please DM me. (I appreciate that price is kinda crucial! But I would look at company/dev progress since I purchased them, and the price any others went for here, then adjust for the market downturn. Am happy to have a sensible chat about it).

Mods, not sure where this should live, so apologies if I’ve not chosen the right place. Thanks


BankToTheFuture itself has a secondary market where you can trade your shares. For now, only 4 types of SPV are proposed (Ripple, Coinbase, Circle, BitFinex). Maybe this is because trading is still in beta. You can ask BTTF support about it.

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Still looking for offers if anyone is interested and would like to propose a price. I was a bit optimistic first time round!

You proposed doing this in the open on the forum. I’m still interested.

Yep, happy to discuss. I started out discussing £50+ a share with a few interested people but that was clearly too pricey. Have had offers at around the same £22/share that I paid back in 2017, but I figure I might as well keep them and roll the dice at that price. If anyone values them higher then perhaps something can be done. Cheers

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I’d be happy to discuss with people and I would be interested but I don’t see value in 47 shares. If anyone has larger quantity I would listen.

bean by bean the bag fills is a saying in greek, get those 47 shares and continue to gather more from other people till you have the amount you want!


Yes and No. You have to qualify on Bank to the Future website

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Unless things have changed in the last 6 months (which I doubt), then no.

First, they would not let me sell my shares to another member of this forum, as they were classified as non-transferable (under the BTTF private transfer of shares scheme). And they had not been added to their secondary market either. From what I could see, only a small handful of BTTF-led shares had been added to the secondary market and most of them had zero volume. So even if I wanted to sell mine now (which I would not, for the pennies I would get), there is no avenue to do so.

Happy to be corrected.


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

I can’t cause B2TF is shutting my American ass out with a third party accredited investor check. If any other Americans know their way around this please let me know!