Any interested in buying some Maidsafe shares (equity)?

Hi guys, been a while. I am curious as to whether anyone would like to buy some shares in Maidsafe (held through the BankToTheFuture spv). I have about 47 shares (0.0034% of the company itself).

Haven’t given price much thought at this point but if anyone is interested, please DM me. (I appreciate that price is kinda crucial! But I would look at company/dev progress since I purchased them, and the price any others went for here, then adjust for the market downturn. Am happy to have a sensible chat about it).

Mods, not sure where this should live, so apologies if I’ve not chosen the right place. Thanks


BankToTheFuture itself has a secondary market where you can trade your shares. For now, only 4 types of SPV are proposed (Ripple, Coinbase, Circle, BitFinex). Maybe this is because trading is still in beta. You can ask BTTF support about it.

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Still looking for offers if anyone is interested and would like to propose a price. I was a bit optimistic first time round!

You proposed doing this in the open on the forum. I’m still interested.

Yep, happy to discuss. I started out discussing £50+ a share with a few interested people but that was clearly too pricey. Have had offers at around the same £22/share that I paid back in 2017, but I figure I might as well keep them and roll the dice at that price. If anyone values them higher then perhaps something can be done. Cheers

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I’d be happy to discuss with people and I would be interested but I don’t see value in 47 shares. If anyone has larger quantity I would listen.

bean by bean the bag fills is a saying in greek, get those 47 shares and continue to gather more from other people till you have the amount you want!

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