Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?


A good article explaining atomic & etomic swaps used in barterdex


Anyone know what time they are delisting maid? Still there now and its supposed to happen today. Thinking about trying to squeeze in another buy in next hour, I am assuming its at like midnight or something?


Nobody knows. Many of us were waiting for good entry point. I resigned and bough in half hour ago. The moment they delist it, price can move up a lot on polo. And it seems panic selling is not happening and sell walls are very thin.


I will be glad when it is over. It does the team and project no good having this stuff hanging over it. Hopefully, the new exchange will be up soon.


Yeah no coins on the cheap really at bittrex relative to market, 0.00000020 btc diff heh. Once it delists guess I will have to get used to the Polo life for awhile unless I wanna get screwed on those other terrible exchanges.


So what happened to the coins that got stuck at bittrex.
How many coins were unclaimed or left there by people who did not withdraw?


According to the explorer there is 20 million MAID left on bittrex. There were 30 million on the day when they anounced delist. They will steal all remaining coins 14 days after delist. So people have 12 days to withdraw.


It seems MAID was dalisted from UpBit the same day it was delisted on bittrex. That Korean exchange was bittrex partner. UpBIt delist was expected but still, they did not have legal reason to delist, only reason was they do not have liquidity from bittrex now.


This will be very interesting, does Bittrex really legally have every right to the coins left on its exchange past the 12 day marker? Is it discussed in the TOS? Its like a massive fraud payday for them to keep and spend all those coins if they do so IMO. I would rather them be burned, less on the market = more scarcity = higher value :stuck_out_tongue: . Hard to believe people would own that many coins and just forget about them like that or not keep up with the news. If Bittrex does end up dumping them on Polo or some other major exchange we may see another large dip to buy into. Or who knows, maybe their ultimate plan was to get a stake in SAFE by dark and sketchy means :wink: .


They changed their TOS 2 days ago. They can legally steal those coins now.


Can they really do that? Change terms of service with 2 days notice?


If that is how they operate (not to say they will or do)
Im glad that we are no longer on there.


That is f*cked up and I hope it is challenged in court. It seems completely unreasonable, considering it is perfectly possible to return them.

Edit: Mark Karpeles of MtGox missed a trick here. He should have just delisted Bitcoin, gone back to game cards and laughed all the way to the bank…



From the Bittrex FAQ

I missed the notification that the token was being delisted. How can I recover or withdraw my tokens?

We generally seek to provide up to 14 days for users to withdraw their tokens after the date that a market or token is delisted. Please withdraw your token from the Exchange prior to the withdrawal deadline. After this date, we will be unable to help effectuate withdrawals from the exchange. As such, users should withdraw any delisted tokens that they have before the withdrawal deadline.


Exactly. There are so many sh!t coins listed on Bittrex that they don’t do anything about. When they delist, it generally seems to be for targeted (anti)competitive reasons. I fully expect they’ll be hoarding that stash of MAID.


I think Bittrex delisted MaidSafeCoin because they are concerned that MAID violates securities laws.

They worry that the exchange will be shut down if they list coins that are considered securities.

MaidSafeCoin is a security. SafeCoin may have utility but MaidSafeCoin is definitely a security.

It seems ridiculous and very biased lol, to say that they delisted Maid so that they could get more for themselves.


They actually don’t have any legal rights. The agreement is only valid for people trading, people not trading after the 9th and never saw that legal notice would not be held under it. Very easy to dispute in court. It would only bind legally new accounts or people trading after the 9th. People having their coins in the site and having no clue they are delisting would have an easy case on their hands to dispute the theft…


That reads to me like an incredibly trusting and naive perspective. Securities law is deliberately gray to allow advantageous interpretation and the ability to prosecute (or not) at whim.


Does MaidSafeCoin pass the Howey test?