Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?


Actually, if he has more than MAID market cap, and he buys into MAID heavily, he can easily become the richest person in the known universe in few years. That is quite a good reason for bitching in this forum;)


And never spend all that money and possibly bitch in another forum and another forum…:laughing::sunglasses::roll_eyes:


Dear @dirvine,
I don’t think you should dignify these people with any replies. They’re either just trolling, or genuinely too stupid to understand what your work is about. Either way, engaging in conversation is pointless.


The question i’m asking myself now is what other coins on Bittrex and Poloniex are tokens waiting for a working network? As far as I can see Cardano doesn’t have a working network yet, but that is one of the most traded coins on Bittrex.


There are many such coins. Delisting only MAID is crazy manipulation. How on earth they could delist MAID and not delist PDC?


just get listed on binance, that is enough to solve the exchange issue once and for all.


Indeed. Smells like politics to me :roll_eyes:


Until the next trendy best exchange comes along…


I think Cardano has its own wallet and client ant that is what makes it different from MAID to Bittrex


Well seems sensible to review coins in alphabetical order, thats my thought on it.


I propose we rename SAFE Network to zzzzzzAFE Network, and Safecoin to zzzzzzafecoin


So bittrex reserves the right to steal any tokens you may have stored on the exchange.


Yeah, and I love how they paired that announcement with a change in their terms, saying you can’t sue them or launch a class action lawsuit.


Sascha, people not always act rationally, and thank god(s) for that, otherwise the society would be made of robots. Clearly that was a reaction from the heart, wich shows David passionate side wich I personally appreciate.
Note that following the same logic you shouldn’t have @'ed him…


I still don’t care to see MAID cave to Binance and their ridiculous costs to integrate. MAID should keep their funding for finishing the project and marketing. Now if some rich person in the community funds getting MAID on binance that is their choice, but we still can have trades of MAID on decentralized exchanges if they ever pick up volume + we still have Poloniex, which for all the haters out there still functions about as well as Bittrex does. Its not the end of the world that one simple centralized exchange is dropping MAID(for now). Once SAFE coin is here plenty of exchanges will be excited for the newer tech, and by then I think if some exchanges do cost to get listed, pay the fees at the time we have a product. Without a product and as it stands today our coins have 0 use-case and by my view they are currently a value of 0 regardless of market price UNTIL SAFE is here, so sit back and relax a bit.


Oh man!!! I understand we are at a tough spot, price dropping and Bittrex delisting, not mentioning the higher transaction fees (which was a topic of debate even few days back).But aren’t these times prove who are worthy and patient enough to take the final profit? I mean if we fight within the community who would help us to reach higher?
Yes, with my small understanding, I think we might need an transition but again that needs huge amount of resources and man-hour. The team is more focused on developing right now than hyping and for a project like this it might me the correct approach.
A good exchange is delisting Maid but as per marketing team’s post few new exchanges are coming soon as well. Hitbtc had some bad reviews in past but now they are improving, I am convinced they would do a good job as well. I don’t think exchanges would be an issue.
The main issue was or rather is marketing. Maid always lacked on that aspect but given the marketing team is set up and working on I am sure we would see some drastic result very soon.

On the ending note, the core cause of impatience of the community is the time needed for this project and no measurement of the progress. The weekly updates help but for a layman like me those sounds gibberish and way over my head. Common people are more comfortable with numbers than words. Why don’t the team gives some number associated with the update? I know presenting % to a project like this is hard but take the most underestimated value, say “We are 20% finished for Alpha 3” even when you are at 50%. That small “20%” number can help and convince lots of people.
And to the community, I know lots of you are at loss given the current circumstances, well I am too. But keep the positive approach, the night is darkest just before the dawn. And even if you don’t make a huge profit, why don’t you take it as a charity. We are helping the team to develop something for humanity, for better of the world. Let me share two quotes.

  • Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.

  • We’re kept from our goal not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal.


Bitshares/OpenLedger has open.Maidsafe so no need for a centralized authority. If buying on Omni is too expensive (network fees from bcash attacks, IMO…wait for it :wink: then Bitshares/Openledger is the best bet.

If the liquidity is poor and there is real interest PM me, I will happily run a liquidity bot.


If someone wants to be an anchor on stellar there would be easy trading and holding on the stellar decentralized exchange.

Also, why not just create the token on stellar, would safe a lot of liquidity problems.



i think the BarterDEX team are looking to add OMNI layer tokens as it includes maid and agoras and USDT tether