Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?


Maybe I should have written this to the ERC20 transition thread.


unfortunately, the dev team is pretty too blind on these options, quite disappointed that the collective knowledge of the team is non-existent regarding liquidity, market and its correlation to success of the project and they are too disconnected to the core of the whole crypto ecosystem to understand the dynamics of the above non-technical factors.


I think this team understands basic coin economics… the merits of this created network are far more important long term to the projects success more so than the price of this temp token. No need to hate on the dev team, I just hope delisting lights a fire under them to kick ass and deliver. Throw on some headphones and jam out and 24/7 code like a monster heh. In the mean time embrace the cheaper tokens. When SAFE coin is $20-$30 dollars a coin it will have paid off.


Bugger it.

So in your head there is no possible scenario where it may actually be pretty much all of us on the forum on both sides of this discussion that are actually the blind ones here?

Just because the route likely to be taken is one you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean the guys behind this project (with likely a tonne more knowledge and experience than you) are blind, nor is their collective knowledge regarding liquidity, market and its correlation to success of the project amiss in any way.

The only person that is disconnected here is yourself by making enormous assumptions about people and what you perceive as a lack of ability.

Ever notice on here how many of the older experienced dudes appear very rigid to some of you and in your eyes appear to dismiss you very quickly. Funny how none of you ever ask you why, it’s just finger pointing saying ‘they say everything’s just too hard’.

There are a bunch of folk both on and off this forum that have had their heads across and involved in both large R&D projects as well as fiscally successful billion dollar software and infrastructure projects in and out of the crypto sphere, that are standing back at the moment with nothing but pure admiration for Maidsafe and how they resist views like yours, and it’s for that same reason they’ll obliterate the crypto space like an asteroid once they launch.

But hey man I guess I should apologise on behalf of myself and all the other numnuts out there who have no idea about this stuff and leave the decisions or is that assumptions up to folks like yourself.

You kill morale both here and with the Devs by posting statements like you did about the Team. That’s what prompted me to post.

You could very well be a financial whizz who’s been there and done it all or you could be a 21 year old bloke in your folks basement, I don’t really know, nor does it really matter, but showing respect for people who flog themselves daily for your benefit should come easily for you either way…or am I making an assumption there?


I made more money than the whole marketcap of maidsafe in crpto investing (investing in hardcore project) and I also has big stake in maid. so, I don’t think guys behind the project necessarily has tons more knowledge and experience than me. I care for the success of the project more than anyone, but my opinion is also a reflection of the market’s view regarding the project. Like it or not, this is reality.


Andddddd you just lost me :rofl:

Go enjoy your wealth my friend, no need to waste your time here on this sinking ship then ay :wink: :laughing:


sinking or not, leaving or staying, is really my own call. thank you.


Way too generous, no need for thanking, it was free :smile:


So full of yourself. Just because you made money doesn’t mean you have a monopoly on intelligence about coins/investing.

There are a number of people having millions and driving fast cars because they got lucky on BTC rising to 1200 years ago then rising to 20K recently. All they did was having BTC when the price jumped. So having made money doesn’t indicate having or not having better knowledge in crypto.

So get off your high horse and deal with other people not bowing down to your “superior” knowledge.

And as to bagging the dev team. It bloody well isn’t their area to deal with and have no reason to deal with it. So your attacks are not even aimed at the right people. The person(s) to deal with this are the dealing with it, just not to your liking.



as if developers don’t really need to care about the market/liquidity/valuation/investors sentiment, then why the heck you develop a crypto project ? without concern of a valuable token (in monetary form), crypto is just a useless piece of shit database. You have no knowledge regarding the economic incentive and important moneyness mechanism of a crypto project. Pathetic that the community is full of non-sense, ignorant tech purists. Go back to your basement to code forward a new Internet and good luck.

You people don’t even understand that we rank at No. 8 a year ago and now at 101th, now you need a $6.5bn marketcap to get to No.8, Maid need to catch up 45x to that level, so we underperform the market by 45x. Isn’t it reasonable that we as a community should learn something from this instead of blaming market craziness?


I have to be honest, your comment sounds like the description of a blockchain project. The SAFEnetwork is so much more than an immutable ledger or glorified database. What exactly is it that you think you’ve put your money in, I wonder. How well do you know the project’s goals and aims?


And you show your lack of understanding and your intent on attacking till you get your way.

Sigh, No concept of company structure


I know maid is pitching the blockchain-less ledger vision, ITOA carries the same pitch, regardless, token is inherently the critical part of the network. Maid won’t work without the token.


Yeah. Reminds me of that Einstein dude who was pitching some vision about energy or relativity or something. And it took him like 50 years to come up with the simple E=MC2 formula. Typical basement dwelling nerd. He should have just focused on money like real-world people, instead of scribbling unintelligible nonsense on some blackboard.


It will be faaar more than a ledger. It will be a distributed, autonomous, data network.

A ledger is just for recording transactions. The transactions obviously need a currency unit to be recorded. Not so with a data network - data state can be stored with or without a token.

With SAFENetwork, the token is just used to create a market for resources, to make the network sustainable. It is very different from any any technology producing a ledger.


Supernet has an active decentralized exchange. It can trade all BTC clones and now all eth and erc-20. They said they can list omni if they get an omni dev to help out the set up.

BarterDEX - Komodo - Supernet


A new update will be start the 9 march on Bittrex


2 statements and both are false. I suspect you have no idea how much we look into such things and non-existent knowledge is obviously incorrect. I wont go on, but you are really standing on the side chipping stones at people working hard.


If by this statement you mean the SAFEnetwork won’t work without MAID, this also doesn’t quite make sense. When the network goes live, MAID will be swapped for Safecoin. And, as @Traktion already pointed out, Safecoin is not so much about recording transactions as it is about facilitating a robust network economy.


Had i made millions like claims in this thread i’d be busy spending that shite load of money and not bitching in this forum. I guess anyone can make claims. :laughing::roll_eyes: