Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?


Huh?! Are you suggesting to ‘launch’ by using an omni token integrating omniwallet into the safenetwork browser?!

So… We then would have an omni token running on the bitcoin blockchain :thinking:… Not connected to safecoin at all and with 100% different properties… This token would need to be exchanged into safecoin later on on an 1:1 basis when real safecoin are ready for launch Oo…


To store 100s of millions of maidsafecoin? On an alpha network, which has not been hardened? I’d rather stick with omni, tbh.


it is the same Omni, so it is harden, just added-on top of safenetwork.


With respect, I don’t think you understand the technicalities of what you are suggesting. It is like suggesting it is easy to make a plane by ductaping a barn door to the roof of a car.


Worth a shot. I’m in


Have you looked into listing on lykke exchange? I live in the UK and this is how I get my fiat into the coinmarket. Lykke are based in Lichtenstein. They seem like a pretty ethical exchange to me and their support team are very responsive. They are begining to list new coins weekly at the moment. They have also announced partnering with bitshares recently. Hope this is of some help. Keep up the good work.

#67 seems to be OK as well. They trade in low volume coins and add coins others don’t. And are in the UK too


Looks like there is no shortage of exchanges…bittrexs loss. When safecoin is top10 they’ll beg it to be listed :blush:


I don’t like ETH, but ERC20 is so damn good.

The BEST feature it has that OMNI doesn’t, as far as I understood, is atomic swap.

Atomic swap let you by a trustless protocol to exchange between currency. If someone doing something not according the protocol, transaction is aborted.

This feature KILLS coin exchanges!


While I do agree, I think the intention was to say “outside of the US”. The same error can be found in the blog here:

Would it make sense to have all official communication from Maidsafe in some format, maybe a Wiki or Google docs or something, that would make it easy for readers from the community to comment on or correct mistypings?

I’m pretty worthless for coding, but I’m kind of pedantic when it comes to natural language and I actually enjoy proof-reading it. (I also enjoy testing software. I guess I’m a weirdo.)

The updates from Maidsafe are generally very well-written, but small mistakes are difficult to avoid. Perfection is a sign of general professionalism. What do you think? Obviously, move this to a different topic if it doesn’t fit here. I just thought the “out with the US” example was a bit funny.


I think this might be a cultural English thing, out with (can be two words or one) means outside:


You are more literate than me Nick, I thought it was a typo too! “Outside” would be clear I think.


Now updated, cheers Mark!


Such a shame, because Bitrrex is perceived as one of the better exchanges.

A new exchange coming soon called Legolas is worth approaching and asking for a listing. They are a kind of decentralised / centralised hybrid with strong design and transparency on the security. If they pull it off it could be an important exchange.

I also feel moving to an Erc20 token would help a lot. Especially with decentralised exchanges because with 0x it is pretty easy to trade between ethereum and Erc20 tokens and also with other Erc20 tokens. It’s also much easier to store your coins using a trezor or ledger.


Not true. Hong Kong exchange wanted to list Maidsafe but because of OMNI it was impossible for them.


It is a Scottish word, when in England I had to change it in reports that I wrote as well. Seems only known in Scotland for some reason. Its a part of the enlightenment that did not go global, it may yet though if we keep pushing it, not outwith the realms of possibility :smiley: :smiley:


which exchange wanted to list MAID and did not because of OMNI?


Here’s excellent reading material on ERC20 / ETH atomic swaps. If I understand correctly, would immediately give ERC20MAID access to all Ethereum hodlers as customers, which is much bigger than any exchange has ever been.

And in the even immediater-term (how’s that for professional English :slight_smile: ) there’s the ERC20 decentralised exchanges, until these swaps are totally polished up and ready.

I don’t think any of this is on the horizon with Omni

EDIT: Here’s a list of totally functional decentralised erc20 exchanges for instant listing of E-MAID (full list of 7 on the sidebar of r/ethtrader):



Doesn’t matter how many times we mention partial transmition from OMNI to ERC20. Doesn’t matter how many benefits it has. Nobody from MaidSafe bothered to clearly say NO or YES. There was just some claim, that none of exchanges they were talking to had problem with OMNI. The question is, how many of them were talked to. Did they talk to hundreds of small exchanges which implement erc20 tokens trading automatically for almost all awailable tokens? Having 100 small exchanges is better than having 1 big. Someone wrote here about at least one exchange which rejected MAID because of OMNI. Decentralised exchanges are gonna be top growing market this year. Strong KYC, regulations and taxations are pumping anonymous coins and anonymous decentralised exchanges. Bittrex and Polo are dyeing because of US regulations. Same will happen to all EU exchanges soon. Chinese are dead already. Korean are threated and heavily regulated. The only way out are decentralised exchanges. ERC20 will be soon the MUST for tokens. And I am not talking about so many holders who are unskilled and do not want to use paper wallet. Every noob I know has ledger or trezor. Even when I give them instructions they still prefer to hold MAID on exchanges than on paper wallet. They do not have problem to keep the rest in ledger/tether. And after bittrex delisted 2 of them dumped, because they can’t imagine to keep it on paper wallet and can’t move it to polo because of KYC and long registration times. This whole situation is a nightmare for new fresh money. Old money can’t keep the price up since delusion is forcing to dump.

Btw., imagine once Maid converts to SAFE coin, what will happen? How will this help to get more exchanges? Centralised will be dead or heavily regulated. Decentralised work on ERC20 token mostly. Safe coin would be very happy if it manage to keep at least some of old exchanges. Technical migration from token to real coin will be another reason for delisting. Project will have to prove it is so awesome to be so interesting to push exchanges to list it and implement special wallet so different form other wallets. So even after real Safe coin exist, I do think there should be some central web owned by MaidSafe, where people could trade real SafeCoin for ERC20 token. So they can sell that token on all decentralised exchanges and new people can buy it. So once Safe is released, they can keep ERC20 token and let people voluntarily exchange their current token to SAFE and back. At least from the start this dual system would really help new people to join the network. People have to buy SAFE coin to open an account. Keeping erc20 trading channel open would help here a lot.


I love your foresight here.

Looking to the future, for MAID.

Need to stay fresh, erc20, in order to attract devs