Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?


Yeah okay I guess personally I am more open to the transition now but there has to be 1 condition. The website where you can swap tokens has to be live forever. There shouldn’t be 100,000s of posts on this forum and our reddit calling the project a scam because people missed the deadline as I have seen elsewhere…


I am not sure why you think there has to be 100% transition? I personally always pushed the idea of dual system. Where both omni and erc20 will coexist. People could send MAID to issuing address, receive ERC20 if they want. Those received coins would be destroyed, erc20 credited. But if people keep omni, than no problem. In the end sum of all ERC20 and omni would be the same. Transaction can be only from OMNI to ERC20 and not back.
Exchanges can list what they want, omni or ERC20 market. Old exchanges will keep omni, new exchanges erc20. No problem there. Nn complains only benefits and some work by some MaidSafe employee.

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I assume that someone from MaidSafe will ask/has asked Bittrex why they are delisting MAID (if Bittrex hasn’t informed them already why, which would be the professional thing to do).
I think it is also a good idea then to ask Bittrex if they would reconsider should a (hypothetical) switch from Omni to ERC20 take place. I’m interested to know their answer to this question.


I think the reason of delist is not OMNI. It is probably because of US ICO regulations. ERC20 would help only with new exchanges. But maybe I am wrong. I think this because of Bitshares delist story.

BTW, it is question of the time when they will delist PDC(Project decorum) It is ICO, OMNI + very low volume. And PDC is only on bittrex.


We are also listed on Bitshares and Openledger. So move on over there.

I am trading on Bitshares a bit. It is great and decentralized.

Volume is an issue, but hopefully this will be a thing of the past soon with the move of Bittrex :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really don’t mind, in this for the real long haul!


I love your enthusiasm, but for traders it is a huge deal. I Personally liquidated 3/4 of my holdings and moved the rest to paper wallet, not worth the risk with the big amounts I was invested in. Would love the project to succeed, if it does the remaining coins I have will be all I ever need, if it fails I removed the risk factor and lost very little.


I think we need every single user of this forum submitting a support ticket to Bittrex asking not to delist MAID right away, but if you are not buying on there regularly then you are not helping the case of even proving this coin has a market value anyways so your words will fall on deaf ears. I can go to Polo now for buys but man thats a pain because getting their stupid webcam of my id verify to work through that Juniper validation is the worst built/most frustrating applet on the planet…


All the Aussies out here would know that already, but there is also listing maidsafe coin. Few problems with deposits in the past, and a few restrictions mainly due to big4 (oz) banks control-freak-attitude, but I never had any problem with it.


I think there’s two possibilities. Either they think it’s too much work to maintain as an OMNI token for the current trade volume, there has been some long periods of wallet maintenance at times, or they think MAID is a security.


I will definitely create a ticket, it’s a real shame they are delisting one of the few projects that actually has a realistic and feasible goal


Well I just sent them a ticket asking for explanation so we will soon find out, will post updates here. I hope if its because of OMNI maidsafe dev team will go all hands on deck for 4-5 days and think up a way to offer ERC20 tokens in exchange for the OMNI tokens IF owners of MAID choose to make that conversion (later safe coin could be converted from OMNI coins OR the ERC20 equivalent), because if its as simple as that, then that is on Maidsafe for not adapting to the times and sticking to what could now be considered a legacy ICO mechanism. Which would be a pretty bad image for a team that intends to drive the future of a secured layer on top of the traditional internet.


Only reason i can see for not doing anything is that safe beta is coming and there are plans to list but not able to share yet. Maybe its wishful thinking :slight_smile:️:sweat:


Don’t expect too much in the way of common sense from Bittrex.

This was their explanation to the Devs re: the delisting of mysterium;
“We encourage you to request relisting when you have completed and fully implemented the basic application for which you intend your token to be used and both the application and token can be used by the general public“.

I do recall reading some ridiculous thing in their listing policy where they reserve the right to delist a coin if its product is not yet implemented. The term ‘Implemented’ is of course totally determined at their whim :roll_eyes:

Code for delisted until they can provide proof they are not unregistered securities…


Exactly, I don’t know why this isn’t unanimous, it’s an absolute no brainer.

Is there anything stopping the community setting up an ERC20 token and a burn address? This could free up the maid team to keep working on important stuff. As long as they honour the ERC20 tokens at conversion date that’s all we need from them?


Apparently Bittrex did the same thing to Mysterium. Per their update, the MYST team is working to get listed on two new exchanges as well as reapplying for listing on Bittrex. They stated the following: Thus, we are now in the process of being listed in two more exchanges, one of a medium size, and one decentralised. You will be informed about the results as soon as we make an agreement. Also, we have already submitted and provided all the process documents required for listing at Bittrex, thus returning to this exchange would merely take the updates of information as needed.

I think it would be helpful and would inspire confidence if the Maidsafe marketing team could publish a Medium article highlighting what they are doing about this. For example, will Maidsafe also endeavor to remain listed or relist on Bittrex? In addition, the marketing update from the beginning of this year mentioned getting listed on additional exchanges. In light of this latest turn of events, I think now would be a great time to shed a bit more light on how that initiative is going.

Moreover, as a bit of encouragement for everyone, Bittrex delisted Bitshares back in October, but as you can see below the negative impact was indeed short lived.

However, I must also mention that Bitshares has an extensive range of exchange listings.


Over the course of the past few weeks we have been helping Bittrex with their enquiries. I’m afraid I can’t go into any detail about what they asked/the process as we did so under a mutual NDA, but we found out last night by email that they were going to delist the coin citing their view of MAIDs lack of utility on the SAFE Network.

This much more proactive stance is obviously coming about through the changing regulatory landscape in the US (where Bittrex are based) where the SEC is taking a greater interest in crypto currencies and I would expect many coins that are not perceived to have a legitimate current use case to also be delisted.

Moving forward we are having discussions with some exchanges at the moment and actually have already put plans in place to list with a large exchange out with the US and are just waiting for their technical team to complete the integration. We will be working with them on promoting the new listing and they have asked that we make a joint announcement only when everything is ready so we cannot provide much more info at the present time.

It is worth noting that as we speak with new exchanges, the Omni protocol has never been mentioned as a reason to list/delist coins. The omnicore daemon is based on /forked from bitcoin-core so the integration path is identical to using bitcoin-core (as that is the underlying technology/software already) just with a few extra RPC calls available to interact with the Omni protocol.

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MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic
MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic
MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic
#37 also has Maidsafecoin
Maybe using @whiteoutmashups idea to do escrow service would also help.

Buyer send bitcoin to, seller sends Maidsafecoin to buyer trust agent sits in the middle.


Guys we could really try to get listed to new exchange like bankera, I see there are are very little support to get listed, but all we want high prices but no work or help to get it…


Thanks for the explanation and reasons for optimism, @nicklambert!

In terms of timing, Friday evening seems like pretty cruel timing on Bittrex’s part, as the maidsafe team was unlikely to be able to respond. I hope it hasn’t spoilt your weekend!

It is good to hear about there being something in pipeline and also that the protocol isn’t the issue. I think it is easy to jump to conclusions about why listings aren’t happening and what the impact of this is too. I’m looking forward to the announcement.

I listened to the let’s talk Bitcoin podcast about the US legal stuff and it sounded like coins which were around long before the recent legal interest would likely be fine. They don’t usually take action without first publishing their guidelines, apparently. So, it is a little disappointing to read that some US exchanges are going after maidsafecoin regardless.


Great news on new potential exchange! Look forward to the announcement. :wink: