Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?

Bummer. Should make it easier to hodl. Guess I better start looking into alternative exchanges.

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We had a long thread about transition to ERC20 and it was pretty much a unanimous post advocating not transitioning

Didn’t even know we were on Cryptopia did we get added recently?

LOL I didn´t know either tbh.

@Lackys found a good exchange

Strange that a volume of over $200K is not enough for Bittrex, life goes on it would help to collectively target exchange for Maidsafecoins the more the …

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Where did you get that from?! Last time I checked the vote was 56% vs 44% in favour of ERC-20.


Yes. Buying maid if you are new to crypto will soon be impossible.


didn’t realise there has been a vote =-0

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Dont forget MAID is available on Changelly again, they also accept card payments so that in my opinion is pretty good news and very easy for newcomers.


We could get on decentralised ones maybe? Getting on Kucoin would be amazing as it would mean a lot of maid given out as dividend to all KCS holders

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That is bad news, own almost half a million maid. Hope MAID don’t forget who helped them get all the financing to get this project off the ground! We need the safe coins sooner than later!


Dude, so not cool :disappointed:

@nicklambert is there any progress to report on new exchanges?


Yeah okay I guess personally I am more open to the transition now but there has to be 1 condition. The website where you can swap tokens has to be live forever. There shouldn’t be 100,000s of posts on this forum and our reddit calling the project a scam because people missed the deadline as I have seen elsewhere…


I assume that someone from MaidSafe will ask/has asked Bittrex why they are delisting MAID (if Bittrex hasn’t informed them already why, which would be the professional thing to do).
I think it is also a good idea then to ask Bittrex if they would reconsider should a (hypothetical) switch from Omni to ERC20 take place. I’m interested to know their answer to this question.


We are also listed on Bitshares and Openledger. So move on over there.

I am trading on Bitshares a bit. It is great and decentralized.

Volume is an issue, but hopefully this will be a thing of the past soon with the move of Bittrex :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really don’t mind, in this for the real long haul!


I love your enthusiasm, but for traders it is a huge deal. I Personally liquidated 3/4 of my holdings and moved the rest to paper wallet, not worth the risk with the big amounts I was invested in. Would love the project to succeed, if it does the remaining coins I have will be all I ever need, if it fails I removed the risk factor and lost very little.

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I think we need every single user of this forum submitting a support ticket to Bittrex asking not to delist MAID right away, but if you are not buying on there regularly then you are not helping the case of even proving this coin has a market value anyways so your words will fall on deaf ears. I can go to Polo now for buys but man thats a pain because getting their stupid webcam of my id verify to work through that Juniper validation is the worst built/most frustrating applet on the planet…

All the Aussies out here would know that already, but there is also listing maidsafe coin. Few problems with deposits in the past, and a few restrictions mainly due to big4 (oz) banks control-freak-attitude, but I never had any problem with it.