Any good reason for Bittrex delisting?


A little disappointed but not too much. Would be good to hear the reason?

We could add maid to bankera exchange


Bummer. Should make it easier to hodl. Guess I better start looking into alternative exchanges.


So, please tell me again that OMNI token is OK, and there is no reason to fight the situation. So how many exchanges will left now? No need for ERC20. This is nightmare. Pure nightmare and even that there were signs of this all the 2017 that MAID on OMNI lost the fight nothing has changed. Bittrex was the last good exchange.



We had a long thread about transition to ERC20 and it was pretty much a unanimous post advocating not transitioning


Didn’t even know we were on Cryptopia did we get added recently?


LOL I didn´t know either tbh.

@Lackys found a good exchange

Strange that a volume of over $200K is not enough for Bittrex, life goes on it would help to collectively target exchange for Maidsafecoins the more the …


Where did you get that from?! Last time I checked the vote was 56% vs 44% in favour of ERC-20.


HitBTC - shady, scammy high widhdrawal fees.
Poloniex - very strict KYC, dying exchange. Almost impossible to buy there for newcomers.
Cryptopia - no volume, almost dead.
Bittrex - delisted
UpBit - Korean exchange which takes volume from bittrex. They will delist too.
LiveCoin - I do not know about them much, very low volume there.


I think I know why bittrex delisted MAID. It is probably the same reason why they delisted BitShares. Check this:

Bittrex was the last good option for buying MAID. We need some decentalized exchange listing ASAP. So many new exchanges and so few supporting OMNI.


Yes. Buying maid if you are new to crypto will soon be impossible.


didn’t realise there has been a vote =-0


Dont forget MAID is available on Changelly again, they also accept card payments so that in my opinion is pretty good news and very easy for newcomers.


We could get on decentralised ones maybe? Getting on Kucoin would be amazing as it would mean a lot of maid given out as dividend to all KCS holders


Which decentralized exhcange supports OMNI? All of them support erc20, but OMNI?

EDIT: kucoin, binance… ALL those new exchanges focus on ICO trading. Without ERC20 you will not get there.


Where is changelly sourcing their MAID? If they take liquidity from bittrex, than they will delist too.


That is bad news, own almost half a million maid. Hope MAID don’t forget who helped them get all the financing to get this project off the ground! We need the safe coins sooner than later!


Dude, so not cool :disappointed:


@nicklambert is there any progress to report on new exchanges?