Any users in the community?

It’s supposed to be against censorship and thought it’d be a great place to share some info to get more eyes on the SAFE Network. I just discovered the site today and posted one of the SAFE Network videos there. Please go like and comment if you would. Thanks.


This is a great idea - I heard about it a week or two ago and meant to look into it. Thanks for the link! :wink:


Very useful, mercy! I made an account, there are comments on


Check most news websites. The most interesting articles to comment on have comments disabled. Great browser extension.


I wonder if this idea could be taken a step further when the Safe Network goes live – a non-safe-browser extension (an extension for standard browsers) that could store the comments on the Safe Network - so real hard permanent commentary. I guess there would need to be a mechanism to cover the cost of the storage … but interesting to think about.


I was thinking the same. If the dissenter plugin becomes popular and covers all websites with a lot of internet users they will need reliable storage.
A SAFENet version with SAFENet IDs would be great. It’s a great idea, someone should start work on it.

Edit: if there is any internet service that needs anonymity, it is the dessenter plugin. It’s not as anonymous as it could be in its current form.

We should start a dissent discussion on their website.


I read gab has offered a feature that does the same. Will be interesting to see who wins this battle.

I think this is the gab feature - they built I believe.


Ahhh that makes more sense.

I linked to this thread in the Dissenter group on GAB


Dissenter banned in New Zealand … Well that didn’t take long!


Mozilla has now banned the extension.

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Have they banned it or has it been caught up in the add ons being disabled due to a certificate issue

It was banned. You can still get it on their website and manually install.


Has it been banned in any other countries?

It isn’t in their app store anymore but can be installed externally.

This move from Mozilla is very disappointing.

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That ban may have only been temporary. The dissenter website is still accessible in Australia, I don’t know about NZ. I learned of the ban after the Mosque shooting from reddit, so you might check there. Of course as @gmason says, it’s not in the google app store anymore, so you will have to download from the dissenter website and manually install the extension.

You used to have to do quite a lot of fiddling when installing the Firefox extension from, but now they have made it as simple as it is with extension installed via Firefox’s own interface.

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There is this browser now.

and it can also be added to you browser as an extension.

Nice… :slight_smile:


Mozilla is definitely a member of team evil. Big tech goons.