Any users in the community?


It’s supposed to be against censorship and thought it’d be a great place to share some info to get more eyes on the SAFE Network. I just discovered the site today and posted one of the SAFE Network videos there. Please go like and comment if you would. Thanks.


This is a great idea - I heard about it a week or two ago and meant to look into it. Thanks for the link! :wink:


Very useful, mercy! I made an account, there are comments on


Check most news websites. The most interesting articles to comment on have comments disabled. Great browser extension.


I wonder if this idea could be taken a step further when the Safe Network goes live – a non-safe-browser extension (an extension for standard browsers) that could store the comments on the Safe Network - so real hard permanent commentary. I guess there would need to be a mechanism to cover the cost of the storage … but interesting to think about.


I was thinking the same. If the dissenter plugin becomes popular and covers all websites with a lot of internet users they will need reliable storage.
A SAFENet version with SAFENet IDs would be great. It’s a great idea, someone should start work on it.

Edit: if there is any internet service that needs anonymity, it is the dessenter plugin. It’s not as anonymous as it could be in its current form.

We should start a dissent discussion on their website.


I read gab has offered a feature that does the same. Will be interesting to see who wins this battle.


I think this is the gab feature - they built I believe.


Ahhh that makes more sense.


I linked to this thread in the Dissenter group on GAB


Dissenter banned in New Zealand … Well that didn’t take long!