Antshares what do you think

I like their logo :grinning: that’s a start


I went on there about page and found this:
Antshares is a decentralized and distributed network protocol which is based on blockchain technology. People can use it to digitalize assets or shares, and accomplish some financial business through peer-to-peer network such as registration and issuing, make transactions, settlement and payment.

I thought this was what ethereum is.

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Yeah just another project…I placed it because it’s hyped everywhere and the logo surprised me.

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Hmmm. “Digital Assets for Everyone”. The DAFE Network?

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Digital Assets from Troon? :wink:


Thanks for the post. Here is what I’ve discovered after listening to an interview with David and Wentao

  1. There are only going to be 100 million ANS (antshares) 24 million sold in the ico.
  2. Antshares has been under development since 2014.
  3. It has a strong technical team, many of whom developed for Huobi (One of China’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
  4. The Antshares platform is being designed to interface seamlessly with AML KYC regulated businesses.
  5. Antshares raised over 2000 BTC in 2015 and in this current presale they have raised well over 5000 BTC so far.
  6. The current presale ends August 7th.
  7. The remaining 75 millions Antshares is set aside in part for future Antshares business partnerships.
  8. The BTC raised in this ICO is going in part to hiring more developers to code the platform in GO and other popular languages.
  9. They have announced a cooperative effort with Microsoft and seem to have the support of The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China.
  10. They are developing a platform that allows private and consortium blockchains to interoperate.

I’m not clear what Antshares offers that’s better than other blochchain token platforms like Colu, Omni, Counterparty Bitshares, or Ethereum.

They mention it may be able to scale to huge transaction volumes (thousands per second), and if that’s true it’d be good.

Another potentially interesting feature is the ability to require sender & receiver, and possibly the issuer, to agree to and sign asset transfers. Though I’m pretty sure you could do this with Ethereum.

Built in optional features for cryptographic identity proof is also interesting, as long as ‘certificate authorities’ actually adopt the standard.

They also claim that ‘fiat currency can be used directly as currency on the Antshares blockchain’, but give no detail on how that would work, except by being through ‘gateways’, which sounds similar to ripple.

I do think there’s lots of potential for easy to use, fast, and low-cost crypto-token technologies, though I wonder if they’d be better off building their system on top of Ethereum rather than building the whole system (though if 10k transactions per second is posisble, I guess that’s an answer).

Overall, seems interesting, but I noticed 50% of all created tokens will be owned by the Antshares team, plus 10% to early supporters, so only 40% go to ICO participants, which is a bit worrying, as the team then get the money + the majority of Antshares, and ICO investors only get 40% of Antshares after putting up the money to make it all happen.

Will have to see how it goes.

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From what I understand there are more than 30 CA’s in China and they are only necessary to list your business on the platform and not necessary for holding and trading the platform currency ANS.
It is also worthy of noting that the ANS will not be sent back to the BTC address which made the purchase, rather it is held by Antshares in an account that is created for you to which you hold the private keys.


Some of the topics pointed by @optictopic are also available for reading here :

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I think maybe its success could lie in it’s AML KYC approach and being one of the projects with big support from China.
First sight all seems legit when you dig deeper into it.
But long way to go because the system has to be build which many raise questions probably.