🐜 Let's have a Creative Thread only visible to Tier 2 Members or higher

There could be an appreciable incentive to become more involved in order to gain
access to insights , precious proposals or details shared in a more reserved circle
for consolidated members , supporters and participants . Keeping fresh trolls one
step away may increase the quality of the conversations , spare all of us wasting
precious energy on redundant reactions and distractions from where we’re at our
’maidest’ trying to chisel out what’s possibly more useful & worthwhile for SAFE .

In any case , new members could join the reserved thread as soon as they
become Level-2-Members , so this is not a big hurdle , just a little sieve …

So what is this? A private proposal thread? Artistic works? Problem solving? What?

A solution for a problem that doesn’t exist?

SAFEETYDAO… for Everyone* except those you don’t approve of?..
Politics is better when open to all… otherwise it just becomes contentious.

I see no big problem atm that needs to see new users excluded… aside from that new users will always throw surprises. It’s at this stage we need challenge and random ideas to ensure the beast is robust. Sheltering away the best of it, doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Mods are doing a great job of keeping balance.


A possible treasure trove where our members can post all kind of things that
might give us a little edge , and stimulating the curious & newcomers to engage
more with the forum to gain access to such a thread . It’s giving a bit more of
value and distinction to what we initially only want to share with people
who are interacting in this forum for the sake of what we want to create .

It’s a different sandbox where we can play out ideas , concepts , proposals ,
visions , details about technologies or methods we might have researched ,
any precious pearl of wisdom one has acquired in a field of interest or
dedication , all that without giving away immediately our elaborations
to anyone who come by .

At least , those who really want to see such a furthering thread — even if they
get disappointed in their expectation — have to reach Level 2 Memberships
participating in the forum for a while , each adding their bit to the general permanence and engagement .

It’s not like it will be all top secret and non-disclosure … , just a 2m fence to a
backyard where we try to add more value to whatever comes across our way .

Members could also poll and vote to let something slip into the publicly
viewable sections of the forum . It’s human to have an edge or ’ little secrets ’

Votes on straplines were already limited to level 2 members — it’s not weird .

There’s really no reason to have a special “members only” discussion. There’s no need to fracture the community and introduce elitism. As far as I’ve seen there’s not all that much trolling here, so the only thing this would serve to do would be to potentially create a group that thinks they are more important, and box out people who might be interested in discussing the SAFE network, but not interested in internet forum politics.


That kind of thinking is what follows from those only wanting to pump and dump noobs without understanding the opportunity.

You should want to be more inclusive not less.

SAFE doesn’t need hype, it needs engagement and an open forum is better for that. Following your idea, detractors and those wanting to manipulate perception would be gifted an easy option to suggest that not everything is apparent. ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ reeks of conservative thinking… and it’s one of the many problems that solutions like SAFE are looking to address.


It would die, just like the members lounge.

If you have ideas, right here is the place for them.

Creativity is a bit like a fission reaction in needing a critical mass, so better to keep it together if possible.

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I do think we need a creative sandbox area of sorts, a place for artistic expressions and whatever else might come. But I don’t think it should be exclusive to any particular tier.

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