Another way to rid the world of corporatism

Start with crypto currency. Add a freeze on stock splits of large firms. Have every basket of goods purchase result in a brokerless share transfer of every large firm in the bill of materials and chain of logistics to the purchaser resulting in the proportional divestiture of encumbent ownership at a rate of say 5 percent per year. After a period of time the end purchaser citizen/consumers will own all the large global firms outright (delisting the firms from the exchanges) and own them according to their purchasing habits. Instead of profits or dividends which have stopped working and aren’t sustainable, the public gets the benefits transferred back in efficient lower prices, essentially these firms are converted to the credit union model where their customers are the owners. In the event of failure and liquidation the customers get the proceeds of the sale in line with their purchase habits/history and resulting ownership, but there are restrictions on business gaming, its tied to end user purchase accrual only. But all comers share in the cost savings through economies of scale- if I am a new end user buyer I still get the lower price. These firms become non profits, but end user income goes further reducing the need for re distributive tax base.

Its also very easy for customers owners to exert their influence, there would be no oil company type chronic offenders. But it would also be possible for founders to ride out their visions without mindless essentially non contributing net negative greedy stock holders whining at them all the time. This would be for large established firms over a billion or so or some reasonable floor, but it wouldn’t be voluntary for public firms. Once it was established it could be applied to large privately held firms as well. Bye bye to much of the useless stock market, the focus would shift to small stocks where it belongs, but that problem (including venture capital style corruption) too could be fixed with the resulting better lending and crowd sourcing opportunities that crypto can enable.

This might be a way to evict the rentiers and their 30% endless tax on useful society that gets us sick with stress and ruins most lives globally.