Another success of green statists

This is absolutely hilarious. I am now very optimistic about the fight against global warming - if the government keeps getting smarter like this, maybe 10 years down the road they will discover that electric cars pollute even more than these VW diesels and take the Big Electric Swindler himself to criminal court.

Volkswagen AG’s admission that it cheated to make its diesel cars appear cleaner-burning than they are

Why do you assume that electric generation will have to depend on fossil fuels?

I do not assume, I just look at the stats (sources of electric power in the US) and see a lot of coal (which, while not “dirty”, is dirtier than gasoline and diesel).

Yes, that is today’s snapshot.
But why do you assume that electricity generation is stuck at inefficient fossil fuels.

Electric vehicles clears out the demand problem.
The problem of the supply is the other half of the puzzle.

Considering the advances of fussion power (see CFR, way more efficient than ITER), we might have our first overunity reactor within a decade… which would be both modular and portable.

Even if we don’t harness the power of the sun, SolarCity vision is to generate enough power from photovoltaic panels to power the US.

Even if we don’t reach that objective, there are plenty of projects out there trying to still harness the thermal power of the sun by CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) within 3 years.

Also even if there are no advances with the sun at all, which is by now quite ridiculous, we still have the old fission nuclear power. There are efforts in going back to the safe Thorium-based nuclear power which was boycotted by the US military because it was deemed TOO SAFE (it was impossible to build nuclear bombs with it). The thorium reactors are impossible to meltdown, and it could supply the world’s demand of energy without waste

And even if all these multiple sources of innovation I mentioned fail: well, requiem to human ingenuity then.

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This is fantastic it means the system is working. You can’t pass of fossil fuel as clean if it isn’t.

I have nothing against any source of power.
I am only claiming the green robbers today pollute more and at the same time get rewarded for it by the thugs in the government.

It is typical of statists (because their great plans always turn into crap, such as the current forced public subsidies to green robbers to use more coal) to ignore the present and focus on the distant future (because things fail only in present).

What I just said. In California the Big Electric Swindler gets $5,000/car in public subsidies (money stolen from workers) to power cars on a mix of coal and fuel. At the same time all other manufacturers whose cars run only on fuel must undergo extremely demanding tests.

Can’t make this stuff up!

No 5k is a total bargain for cutting the economic life line on stuff like citizens united and getting another chance to evict the economic royalists permanently and avoiding WWIII.

Musks plan is roof top solar for ever home with a power pack battery and car charger and a fully electric car or two in every garage. Teslas sister company can do that now for any home or business. Tesla will get the price of its next midsize sedan into the Camry range. The obviously you do start to save big money on protecting yourself and your children and you get a much more reliable car while cutting the cord on the gas station and the electric utlity, and you save time you would have wasted at the gas station. Carbon energies days are numbered its an obsolete business. And even if we still needed som legacy fuel we could get that from solar powered sun gas which recycles carbon already in the atmosphere so in places like CA refining and ground derrived carbon plus can be outlawed. So more smoking tail pipe and bye to these pipe pushers. I heard state just forced tobacco to drop four new cigarette brands- replace it with ganja and blue voters.

Warren you sound like Lenin.
Every time in history the bargain price to “fix” free markets ended in bankruptcy of the revolutionaries.

Sadly, the Big Electric Swindler will avoid pitchforks and torches by escaping to Mars.

Kochs = destructive capitalists who work to eliminate the middle class and democracy and are trying to
bring on WWIII and think enslavement is the natural order and eliminating slavery is an offense
against God because God made some people better than others.

Musk = constructive capitalists trying to save us from WWIII

Without top down systems we will still have people like Musk but won’t have the Kochs because their whole reason for being is trying to push top down.