Another one of these videos please…

Please create an update like this as this is the only thing I understand in relation to development……thanks in advance:


I’d love to make some more when I can… in a period of very busy behind the scenes work at the mo however, and as much fun as they are to make, they are surprisingly labour intensive. Plus having just moved office it will take a while to get things set back up again to do this!

Promise I’ll do what I can though


We mostly just miss that mug of yours Jim. These videos were def something to look forward to and pass around. Hoping for more in the future as well, when appropriate.


Never mind his mug, I was just waiting for him to grab his geetar off the wall and give it laldy…


No one needs to be subjected to that. No one.


In other news I was chuffed to hear this voice reading translations on TRT last night, reporting on Erdogans take on the 60-day extension of the Black Sea grain sea routes.
Thank God that Iberian jambon producers will have cheap grain to feed their little piggies on. And here was me thinking all the Grauniad-reading bleeding hearts were concerned about the starving kids in Africa… Nope turned out the middlemen found the Iberian farmers would pay more than Africans - so that was that. Seems pork CAN be kosher…

Jim, I’m keen to see your next video as your first one (which was great) suggested Maidsafe was close to completion……or so I thought.

Now, with the levels of testing suggested on another thread, I’ve absolutely no idea what’s going on.

I kind of considered myself fairly clever, but this development and this forum is just totally confusing.

Would appreciate any update on what shareholders could expect in t future.

Many thanks….


Kind of understandable. There is a lot in flux but just read the last two updates or so and you’ll be mostly caught up.


yeap there was a “new” back to the basics with a new lib that allows the network to have a simple and robust decentralized function. which means we are 1-2 weeks away from core network functionality testing and then iterating all the bits that make the network the impossible network!!!

all in all I think we are about a year away from having a network that will have taken off and would start to get steam and lots of eyes as this will be a marvel of a service!!!


Jim, are you close to creating another video?

Not imminent I’m afraid, no. Not to say that there aren’t much bigger more exciting things being worked on though!