Another difference with bitcoin

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin create a new opportunity for expressing views on repugnance that allows individuals to impede or even prevent transactions that they deem repugnant. I can think of several ways this could manifest itself. One avenue is political contributions. Last year, the campaigns of two political candidates in Texas, Steve Stockman, who ran for the U.S. Senate, and Greg Abbott, who was elected governor, accepted bitcoins. A miner who objected to either candidate could have excluded transactions directed to their public address.

There is at least one example where something like this has already occurred. Satoshi Dice is an online gaming site that uses bitcoin as its primary form of payment. In the spring of 2013, members of the Bitcoin community started to complain about these transactions and reportedly started excluding them from the transaction blocks that they were processing. The following poll was taken from an online chat room on whether patches that excluded these transactions should be allowed.

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All of the policial donation buttons I have seen make you go through a FEC type form before they give you an address to donate to – as such, I doubt censorship would be possible, as every address would be unique and generated for the particular donor… the miners wouldn’t have known who the address belonged to.

Anyway, It is simple enough make up a new address every time - that is the best practice anyway… Mainly because it prevents such behavior.