Anonymous Politicians

They would take no money. They could pick their avatars. They would be checked by the other anonymous politicians around them. They would be elected and removed on the strength of their arguments. And they would face arguments from truely anonymous sources. It would be the quality history of their arguments. Slur type systems might also be a check on them. But presumbly such a system would be less prone to running on money and blackmail.

Slur runs on money and blackmail…

Gatekeepers create oligarchy weather they are anonymous or not. If they where truly anonymous than they could be bribed easily, and the money could not be traced.

That is the case now. But this would cut out the cult of personality. And how do you bribe someone you cant identify? How do you blackmail someone you cant identify? Slur would only use money for the low hanging fruit, but money wont matter when it gets going. Organizations will just have to assume everything they do is public. No more delegated watcher function. Yes, very bad for inherited rule by wealth.

Isn’t the whole point to get politicians out of the equation?

@whiteoutmashups es. And getting their personalities out of the picture and allowing us to focus on ideas on their merits without charisma messing things up could help a lot.

More like representatives.