Anonymous off/on option?

Shouldn’t be better to have Anonymous off/on option? With full anonym, there will be this project in dark zone, maybe gov will required special hardware to recognise this net. And project will have same price or higher like monero, but not like bitcoin? I know its complex, but this default feature is not that good in my opinion.

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Are people good just because they have an ID? Does fear alone stop people from doing evil?

Most people are good and don’t need anything outside of them to do good.

Yes, any technology can be used for evil and if the Safe Network is successful it will be used for evil and bad people will be persecuted in the real world as they are persecuted now.

The Safe network transports into the cyberspace what we have in the physical world, but it makes it more efficient, and because most people are good, this technology will bring much more good to humanity. :love:


I think there is a good chance that making this an option would kill the network. Having privacy, anonymity, and no censorship can be a good in and of itself apart from the immediate need. And you never know when you really need it. If you’ve given privacy up can you get it back? Making this an option could allow people to be pressured into giving up their privacy too easily. It opens the door to all kinds of coercive behaviors. It’s like the tired argument for banning cash: “only criminals use cash.” That’s not true at all, and the biggest thieves use other means to meet their objectives. This option also potentially opens the door to the legal hassles of policing content. To me it seems like it’s all or nothing, though this will be a potential perception issue we need to deal with if the network is successful.


Well if you understood how this network works, you would see why your request is impossible.
The next analogy I’ll give you is crude and very weird, but I hope I get the point across. Imagine if I asked a genetic engineer to make a switch to turn a dog into a plant, that wouldn’t be trivial. You would need to change everything, it is not about just changing one gene or one protein. It is about making a whole new thing from the ground up.

Something like that is happening here, and the Safe Network is not just another animal, it is an animal from another planet. With features that no other crypto project has.

Anonymity in this network is not just about flipping a switch and launching a VPN. The functionality of this network is a direct consequence of its resilient, autonomous and decentralized design. Anonymity is integral to its distributed design, it is in fact almost a natural side effect of how its routing works.
You should watch this:

Anonymity, Security and Privacy are the raison d’être of this whole project, and they spent a decade and through a lot of troubles to bring to reality an elegant innovation that will ensure anonymity in a very clever way. There can’t be a “switching off” of anonymity without destroying all the work done in routing and it would require a major surgery, almost starting from scratch… and for what? why on Earth would they be doing that?

You might be wondering why so much focus on anonymity?
Because without it our individual freedoms are threatened every day we are facing ever more with Orwellian attempts from corporations and governments to take over our lives.

Technology is the Promethean fire, and the ones who monopolized that fire will be like gods.
Satoshi was like Prometheus who has brought the fire to the people, and this has spread the fire with this boom of decentralized networks that promised to keep us independent and free from the big brother and from the financial cartels.

But watch what happned to bitcoins, the old gods ended up co-opting the network and now the vision to achieve a pure trustless decentralized network with bitcoins is dead on the water. It has been invaded by corporations and governments that expanded their tentacles into blockchain-based projects to ensure that in truth they keep the status quo, the public ledger has backfired and it became the most intrusive tool ever created enabling them to monitor every single breath you take within the cryptocurrency ecosystem in real time. These old farts turned decentralization into a mere formality, just retrofitting old paradigms with a new façade.
These days the spokesmen for blockchain are the old pigs waving a new flag after conquering new grounds.

The Safe Network is designed to avoid this to happen, to avoid deep pockets skewing and distorting the decentralization and to ensure a truly distributed design. Achieving this balance is something very important that is often overlooked in other projects.
And without anonymity you can’t have privacy, and without privacy, you’ll never be free.
It is an crucial feature and it may be the key for the success of this project.


Do you mean for the whole network? OR just for the user who chooses to?

There are some issues for whole network.

  • whistle blowers who relied on anonymity would then be arrested. What do think the Chinese will do to their citizens, or other countries intelligence gathers living in China. What of the USA, see what they do to whistle blowers who achieved a lot in keeping the government to account.
  • Ma or Pa who contacted a clinic 10 years ago and did not want their partner to find out. Or maybe visited a sex worker for action or simple advice.
  • The whole world would be turned upside down if for 10 years its was anonymous then suddenly all identities revealed.
  • and of course how would you prevent people giving fake identity info in the first place and remaining anonymous anyhow.

If you want the switch for a user. Then simple just have two accounts and announce far and wide the ID of the account you do not want to be anonymous. The switch being which account you use.