Announcing -- The Crossroads of Project SAFE blog and podcast

Well, I was going to wait a few more days to drop the hammer on this. But several things, including some of the back and forth at Improving the public opinion of the project, propel me to a rash decision.

Therefore, (trumpets and blaring sirens, please!!):

All are invited to the launch of The Crossroads of Project SAFE, at Drop in and see what you think.

The site still needs work and I wanted to have some things further along, including re-recording and re-editing the podcast, but I sense that now is the time.

Call this a meta launch. I’ve got some cool things in the works that should make a pretty good splash, but I hope you’ll be inspired by the start that’s been made.

If you read and listen to what’s posted so far, you’ll get at least part of the picture.

Next post will be an article in a few days, with more stuff to follow in time. Hopefully sooner than later. Subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll be alerted when there is new content.

Looking for other content contributors, as well. See link on the site.

Hope it inspires. It’s been a fun, if exhausting, several weeks since I decided to do it.


Do you have a Bitcoin/MaidSafecoin address to send tips? I look forward to listening to the podcasts :smile:

Edit: You have a great radio voice!


This is great @fergish I’ve been waiting for a podcast to be about the safe network and even thought of creating one but my schedule wouldn’t allow it :confused: but I’m very happy for this and you. I’ll be listening in!


Very well done. Looking forward to the next podcast.


This is exciting! Thanks for doing this @fergish.
I like the bit from 11 minutes (things the current internet does extremely well, which the SAFE Network is not capable of). You’re such a wind-up merchant!

I’m going to have to decide on a podcast to stop listening to so I can fit yours in!
By the way, I can’t see that there’s an RSS feed - is it just a case of using SoundCloud? I’m not that familiar with SoundCloud.

Thanks again for this - I look forward to more.


Thanks. I’m really happy it’s well received.

The RSS is down the right-hand side of the page, under Meta.

I don’t have it on itunes yet.

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Have had a couple requests to donate some crypto, so have added a page on the top bar for that.

Thanks all.

Excellent effort @fergish , well considered and nicely put together. A great first pod cast and intro to the network, I look forward to hearing more!

One Word…

Finally listened @fergish. Wow that’s good. I’m impressed man. So chuffed at yet another great creation from this amazing community. Yee haaaa! :slight_smile:


Pass it on!! ************

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I look forward to the interview chatting about how the launch went :slight_smile: Cannot come soon enough.


@fergish if you want, I could put your podcast into a video and post it on youtube. I’ll send you a draft before I post anything for your approval.

@nicklambert, update needed on the page. It still says planning to release by the end of 2014… should be 2015.


Wow I really loved this bro

I’ll donate 0.0222 Btc next week

Keep up the great podcasting @fergish we need magical voices like this.

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404 Error

here is the correct link.

Edit: Just tipped you a few MaidSafecoins, I would recommend not buying a pizza with them?

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Thanks and thanks, Joseph!!

I corrected the link. I changed the heading after I posted the link originally. Ah, the details of administering a web site. A new experience.

Good work. Although :smiley: the irony is killing me :dizzy_face:

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Thanks @dyamanaka, working on the new sites I don’t go on the existing one as much as I should. I’ve raised a task to get this fixed, @ioptio is on the case.

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