Announcing the BambooGarden Fund

Question for the community / BGF committee:

Would it not make sense to let MaidSafe alone decide on funding for these launch essential items rather than subjecting that to the (potentially slow) deliberations of an 8-member committee? The committee can then decide on funding for apps (whether important for launch or not).

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I think that makes sense. MaidSafe could set its prioritises for network core and focus on this with the assistance of the committee where that’s helpful (ie saves MaidSafe time), while as a secondary activity the committee can be looking at next level priority things, typically none core apps.


Surely it was at the time we were proposing it.
It is not anymore, there are specific projects that are fusing content creation with patreon type of rewards baked in smart contracts. One of them is Audius (AUDIO).

The two models are different.

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There is a project with similar goals looking for secure file storage (IPFS) and secure browsing (SAFE BROWSER)

They already have a functioning network in place after 7 years of development

Would there be interest in providing solutions? Even jointly?

Could be a win-win.

I think you may mean Brave Browser?

I’m aware of both Brave and IPFS, and though I don’t know either in great depth and recognise some similarities in their goals, I don’t see any synergies or opportunities for collaboration. Others might.


OP updated to state we are now accepting the first proposals, and full details of the application process. Also a few other updates such as stating that the committee is now in place.

Created a new topic here to make as many people aware as possible.


Quadratic payments, surprised it has not been mentioned. Here is an old primer (old in DeFi space anyway) the space has moved in quite a lot of different directions since that was written.

this is not just another slight improvement to what exists. Rather, it’s an initial foray into a fundamentally new class of social technology which, has the potential to overturn how we make many public decisions, large and small.

On network updates and governance check out my posts starting here. The Safe Network will absolutely need a governance system for network upgrades and this is one of the smoothest examples out there. Prior experience has demonstrated that to not have a system like this in place will cost the core dev team many orders of magnitude more time in the long run as the greedy/malicious 1% exploit political flaws in the upgrade process to disrupt progress, because they can.


Made a cool $1.2m since.


This sounds like a great idea.

Something that has worried me for some time and something I have seen happen to other breakthroughs over the last decades is that an organisation could take control of Safe and either try and make it closed and commercial in some way or even worse could try and kill it. I know this is hard with a distributed system but companies resort to all sort of methods if they can make it work in their favour.

I am sure the founder of the bamboo fund is a friend and guardian of this project but are there any mechanisms in place to protect and ensure that safe remains uncontrollable by another organisation with very deep pockets?


Wow!! Kind of nuts that this fund has doubled in value since it was generously donated 2 months ago. Have the funds been allocated to any projects yet? Has anyone made any applications to make use of the funds?

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Anyone know when expansion of the proposals takes place? We think our project would really help Safe Network jump miles ahead right out of the starting line with broad based utility in the growth areas everyone agrees is the future for decentralized money and tech:

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Is it running? Or accessible? How donyou become a membwr?


Yes its running. currently accepting applications, see OP for more info


BambooGardenFund Update post here


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Hey @JimCollinson
The development of Dart now being FFI (Rust → Dart) capable might be a lot better for mobile app development on SafeNetwork using Flutter rather than having to use c# stuff, which felt like fitting a square peg in a round hole.

If material design is going to be a focus (and you seem to be a big a fan as I) then I think something like this could be a good use of resources regarding BGF.

Something to perhaps share with the team.


So, is the work that Cris O’Neil and/or Cris Connelly have been doing related to this fund? If not, is there any development related to this fund happening?

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Not as yet. We’re aiming towards this. Things are still a bit up in the air, but it is very much the plan to be using BGF for some of our contractors :+1: