Announcing safenetforum-community Github

I am greatly encouraged by the number of people offering scripts and general help on the latest testnets. Looks like testnet activity is going to ramp up significantly so I think a functioning community repo is a worthwhile resource.

So you are hereby invited to join the safenetforum-community Github organisation.

The aim is to provide a central repo for all community scripts and gists relating to current and future testnets.

For now I am the owner and only I can approve membership requests/invites. I’d like to share the ownership and extend the invite privilege to you all, so if you would like to join, please DM me with your Github username and indicate if you want to be a joint owner and invite further members yourself.

EDIT: Some folk did not get invites because they are not accepting DMs. I’d hate to think anyone was being overlooked so if this is of interest - PLEASE DM me. Even/especially if we have fallen out on this forum over various off-topic stuff - Lets collaborate on what we CAN agree on.


Powerful and perfect message right there. :beers: on me :smiley: