Announcing /r/safenetwork

Hi everyone,

We (@initiatives) are currently working on multiple community initiatives to improve the infrastructure used by the SAFE Network community. One of our projects is to improve our presence on Reddit.

It’s useful to have a good presence on Reddit because it allows us to reach out to a broader audience. It also serves as a gateway to our community forum (yes, this forum will continue to be the main hub for our community!) when we take the time to answer questions asked on Reddit with links to existing topics on the forum.

Instead of improving the /r/maidsafe subreddit (which has been active for 2 years and has over a thousand subscribers), we would prefer to start using /r/safenetwork to make it clear that the main topic is the SAFE Network (the technology & the community) as opposed to MaidSafe (the company).

Let me quote @smacz because I think he explained it very clearly in this post:

There have also been multiple topics about this subject such as What do we call things to avoid confusion? and To Move or Not to Move.

A few days ago, I wrote a short post in /r/maidsafe to announce /r/safenetwork and get some feedback. You can read the post here.

Now, we (@reddit) want to announce /r/safenetwork here on the forum and get your feedback :smiley:

Our goal is to make /r/safenetwork a great subreddit that redditors will enjoy participating in!

Here are some examples of posts you can expect to see in /r/safenetwork:

  • Links to development updates and announcements (e.g. new releases)
  • Links to news articles about the SAFE Network and the ecosystem around it (apps, farming, safecoin, etc.)
  • Technical questions answered by community members
  • AMAs (e.g. with core devs, app builders, farmers, etc.)

We also made a few improvements to increase the user experience:

  • We installed a custom theme called Naut (version 4.0) and added images that represent the SAFE Network.
  • We wrote a SAFE Network Overview sticky post for newcomers. We will do our best to keep it up-to-date.
  • We included a short explanation of SAFE and a list of useful links in the sidebar.

Finally, we agreed on the Rules for /r/safenetwork:

  • Posts Must Be Directly Related to the SAFE Network
  • Please Be Respectful and Follow Proper Reddiquette
  • No NSFW Content

We are very open to your feedback, feel free to message us if you have any suggestions or concerns :slight_smile:

TLDR: We would like to make /r/safenetwork the main subreddit of the SAFE Network community. If you agree, please subscribe!


Subbed! Like the layout and what youve done to the place! Looks good!


Subbed as well.

Can the mod/s ( @dirvine or @happybeing ) of r/maidsafe create a sticky to convey this message so that people can move over to r/safenetwork.


Awesome. Totally agree with using r/safenetwork as that is the logical name and what people will google. Using “Maidsafe” or similar later on will just be confusing.

Do you guys need moderation help btw? I’m very active on most of the crypto subreddits


@frabrunelle wouldn’t it also be handy to have a /r/safenetworkers?

Where people can be safenetworking
[For hire] or [Hiring]

Like /r/Jobs4bitcoins :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job guys, a well considered and executed plan of attack.


I’m surprised you can’t just rename /r/maidsafe… but I know nothing of the limits for subreddits.

I think it’s more because of the distinction between MaidSafe and SAFEnetwork.

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I do prefer the simpler design and fonting of /r/MaidSafe but then don’t see the subreddit design as usually put all as one list.

I wonder the /r/safenetwork needs to adopt the sidebar detail of the other and /r/MaidSafe will need an update then to suggest the difference.

It makes sense to fix the name now to /r/safenetwork as that’s more likely the one to adopt redditer’s interest.

Thanks to @nicklambert, a sticky post that points to this topic (Announcing /r/safenetwork) has now been added to /r/maidsafe :slight_smile:

I also added a link to /r/safenetwork in the navbar people see when they are not logged in on the forum.