Announcing Beta: Pioneer 1 V3 and Tardigrade Are Here


Interesting, they are making use of the funding. Good to watch this one, I have not monitored it closely enough for a while, it used to be apps only then infrastructure, so good to see what their target is now. Looks like large commerce, but let’s see.


TLDR anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Storj have completely revamped their storage software (V3) and Pioneer 1 is the first beta release (Pioneer1, Pioneer2, production).

They have also announced a first beta of a storage service called Tardigrade which aims “to deliver the first truly enterprise-grade, decentralized cloud storage service. This means we not only have to deliver on the security, scale, and privacy promise of decentralization, but must also deliver enterprise-class durability, availability, performance, and support.”

They claim upload and download speeds to rival AWS S3 at a cheaper price.