Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Thoughts on the Future of Programmable Money - Scottish Blockchain Meetup - June 19th, 2019


Thanks for posting. That was a great talk.


if somewhat scary… I was at the talk back in June - the sound was better then than it was at the conference in the same venue yesterday

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The Safe Network, the LionShark of cryptocurrencies. lol

I don’t think I can disagree more with Andreas about all-in-one solutions for hard anonymous instant money + storage + just about anything else done in the crypto space + just about anything else in on the Internet.

I think you just have to think beyond the box called blockchain.

What surprised me most by this talk is that he doesn’t really seem to know much if anything about the Safe Network - I don’t think he mentioned it once, despite the great introduction from @dugcampbell


Andreas has to be really careful what he says. He can’t “pump” unproven tech anymore. (intentional or not) He’s just too big of a name. Maidsafe is proving itself, but its not proven yet. Safecoin doesn’t exist yet.

Also, from his story, safecoin to my knowledge doesn’t plan to be a shark (Programmable money). It will however be very sound money.

Nor do I think safe should be the be-all-end-all in crypto. I’d much rather my govt use a blockchain than safe so I can see where money is going.


Just because SAFENetwork will have a broad feature set, it doesn’t mean people will be locked in to all of it. Apps can just use what they need.

Want to authenticate a user with your app? Use safe authentication. Want to persist app data somewhere off device? Use SAFENetwork storage. Want to allow payments in your app? Use SAFECoin. Etc, etc. It can be some, all or nothing safe.

For example, NRS could be used to resolve IP addresses instead of DNS. It would be impossible to censor. The user would just need the safe authenticator, without even needing an account… It just needs someone to add the names/IP addresses in a standard way.

SAFENetwork can just provide what is needed.


Yes, I suppose you are right about that … but given how he went out of his way to give the lion shark example, I still feel he doesn’t understand the possibilities here very well …

If/when Safe Network gets secure computing (and that is something Maidsafe is interested in doing down the track), then the ability to create smart contracts is baked in the cake. And given the fundamental speed of the Network relative to blockchain solutions I suspect it will be faster and more secure. It is all just speculation though.

Still all of this, lion or shark, is all just engineering of networks - so it’s not like a lion on land versus a shark in water. It just seems like a bad analogy and denies human ingenuity.

From what I remember of his talk at the time, I thought he went out of his way to big up SAFE (or it’s unique attributes) at several points without actually mentioning the name.
Perhaps I need to listen to the talk again but from what I mind Dug seemed quite happy afterwards with what was (not) said.
Apologies @dugcampbell if I picked you up wrong.