Andreas Antonopoulos gives thoughts on the SAFE network


Personally, I’d prefer to draw no attention to SAFE Network until it’s in the wild. At that point, I’d love to hear Andreas discuss in more detail.


An epic interview and as one should be…they let these two brilliant minds speak with few questions and little interruption. I love the end when Andreas describes what we are missing which is exactly what David is building and David’s humble response.


Thank you! I was lucky to get those two busy gentlemen together for that discussion. :slight_smile:


Wonderful interview! Great insights & vision. Exciting things to come, I think! :smile:


Listened to this on Friday. Awesome stuff! It’s not a bird at all, it’s a DRAGON! Oh yeah!


Congratulations… i was watching that talk and what a nice surprise to hear you ask him about Safenetwork. Thanks for that. I think Andreas is right to keep his mind and talks focused in only one subject because it is tough enough already to educate people about this new crypto world. I dont think his one track minded person that only thinks about Bitcoin, contrary to what someone implied… Hugs bro. Well done.


I was there :wink: small world


What did Andreas said about SAFE ? I couldn’t find anything, and watched about 90% of that video, Pretty sure he had not researched it enough to have an opinion on it.


Looks like Andreas is keen on maidsafe?


Props to David Gregory!


Very glad to see him coming around!

I remember asking him about his thoughts on MAID at a BTC meetup in the bay area before and he really didn’t seem to have dove that deeply into it yet, or have much interest yet.

Very glad someone with so many followers is getting involved with us now! even at this early stage.


I tweaked his tail recently again. Seemed a bit tetchy so good to see him remaining open and interested.