Anarcho-Capitalism; is it just religious spam?

Over the course of my time on this forum, I have interacted with many proponents of “Anarcho-Capitalism”. The common thread is that they never seem to have any answers to the hard questions, such as care for the weak and vulnerable or provision of infra-structure.

Usually, one of 2 things occurs:

The first would be to evade the questions, whilst deftly moving onto the next thing they want to say. This is similar to my experience of what generally happens when I invite all the religious types that knock on my door in for a little chat… :smile:
On investigation, I discovered that these people are actually trained in this kind of thing by their Church leaders, then sent out to try and increase their flock. This is an effective (and dishonest) technique and the beginning of the indoctrination process.
The second thing that often occurs when interacting with Anarcho-Capitalists is that I will be directed to watch a video, or read a particular book proffered by them. This would be equivalent to referring me to the bible or asking me to come watch their pastor speak - they refer me to some higher authority who they think can explain things better than they can themselves.
The common thread in any case with these interactions is eventually, in the end, after not buying what they are selling I will be met with cries of “Statist!” – the equivalent of “Infidel!” or “Non-Believer!”
The thing is that if you can’t make a convincing and rational argument, or give rational answers to legitimate questions, then you are in the realm of belief systems.
If it is necessary to be initiated somehow into the club first in order to see how the nonsense is not nonsense, then chances are it is nonsense.
“Don’t you believe in the principle of non-agression?” they may ask….well of course, yes in general terms, but not as an absolute – absolutist moral philosophies are again the terrain of the religious – “Thou shalt not kill” and the like. If it isn’t an absolute position , then what differentiates an Anarcho-Capitalist from anybody else in this regard? Surely the vast majority of the World would be loosely in agreement – it’s like “Do unto others” – it’s a commonly used moral position amongst a lot of people. This is again another trick the religions use to claim the moral high ground that is not exclusively their own.
Another common practise among the religions would be to claim that anyone not believing as they do has been led astray by the Devil or Evil forces. They will claim that only they have the one truth. I’d like to thank @CoinChatClub for his invaluable help in helping me reach these conclusions by essentially handing me his religious pamphlet. This was in the form of a webcast titled “Anarchast” from the “Anarchopulco” series. I watched this video, which essentially pointed out most of the problems with the World today (all obvious stuff), but didn’t seem to profer any solutions. I then let the second video run and this is when it hit me – what was actually going on here.
If you listen to the following video from 36 mins onwards and bear in mind what I’ve said here, then at least some here may see the dishonesty at play.
In a nutshell, the Church elder “Larken Rose” is advocating using psychology against those that don’t buy into the religion:

“There are totally ways to get the message across, but logic and evidence aren’t it”
Larken Rose.
Straight from the horses mouth…….

I would suggest that this type of stuff, being advocated by promoting books and videos, should be treated as any other kind of religious proselytising. It is no different than posting links to any other kind of religious books/videos and should be treated as proselytising in the same way as any other religious spam. :wink: