avid diviner


Strange how there is synchronicity in anagrams I am glad I finally had a good response


It must take a lot of time and effort to produce these :+1:
Perhaps better to have a dedicated anagram topic so that we dont derail other folks threads though?


Do the Dew!

“Mountain Dew” anagrams
Dan out win me = Own Maid tune = Unwed I am not = Wound in mate = Mea unit down = Mea unto wind = Mea win donut = Own unmade I.T.

Doctor in various languages anagram= The Doctor God devil Jesus Buddha Goddes Altar kook raze kook butt Kat kick kook Mea take our Maidsafe Elastic time tick at mom key tomorrow door kit dumb judicatory

“Time and relative dimension in space” angrams
Mea & Dan inn T.A.R.D.I.S. M.E. epic television = I validations emcee penmen in T.A.R.D.I.S. =A.I. I.T. Maid Elastic M.E. penned environs
#DrWho #DrWhoResists #RealDrWho
Can I send a message to myself from the future?
Mysterious forceful fame tag M.E. Dan=Maidsafe memo asset slung fun refectory=Elastic fragmentary suffused one memos
Can I send a message to myself from future?
Tardis consummately names off refugees=Offstage ref use Daniel, sums commentary=Melodee transmogrify U.S.A. an effects sum=Yes I can memo datum offers gratefulness

Can I send a message to myself from future?Mysterious forceful fame tag me Dan
Maidsafe memo asset slung refectory fun
Elastic fragmentary suffused one memos
Tardis consummately names off refugees
Daniel commentary offstage refuse sums
Melodee transmogrify U.S.A. an effects sum
Yes I can memo datum offers gratefulness