An Overview of MaidSafe’s SAFE Network – Secure Access For Everyone (Cryptoiq)

Very good overview IMO with lots of links for people to follow up. For once it says Safecoin is not a blockchain too :slightly_smiling:

There is one obvious error, about charging for sending/receiving data, but I’ve submitted a comment correcting that and adding a few more points, particularly about Safecoin.


Browsing will likely be much slower, especially at the beginning, and especially for sites that don’t receive much traffic.

Not sure that statement is quite accurate, but otherwise a welcome article.

Looks like they mocked up this image also, haven’t seen it elsewhere:


The image probably came from my intro video, open to public use. I’m surprised and flattered to see it circulating.


There is no proof, I dont see it on a .safenet site :wink:

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I should “walletmark” my videos once the SAFE Network goes into beta. I’d get Safecoin without even realizing it, haha!