An observation about the nature of crypto and the timing of SAFE

If we look at the developments on the horizon with AI/SI and Q computers and Digital Physics its seems quite possible that from some angles its software all the way down and software all the way up and that whatever your point of entry for crypto it will always be an arms race. But it does seem that SAFE 1.0 is on track to launch by the end of the year. It won’t be a perfect tool but crypto never will be a perfect solution. But with luck it will come at just the right time to be put to revolutionary use and a lot of people will come out of the wood work and act using its potential instead of waiting for the perfect. The risk will still be high but a lot of people will not be able to refuse the call and the risk will only strengthen their attraction.

… What???

my friend this might be a slightly difficult to understand and unspecific question you are throwing into the ring here

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I disagree.

Encryption is always easier to do then the deciphering of the encrypted data. It will never be impervious to statistical and side-attack deciphering attacks, but it in itself is still robust.

Also, since deciphering can never be impervious, then it’s always going to be a cat and mouse game between the ones who encrypt and the ones who would decipher. Always.

No side will ever “win” - that’s the nature of the game. And the game, I believe, is the perfect solution.