An Introduction to the SAFE API


Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Yap Lounge, 3485 Boul St-Laurent, 2nd floor (map)


This meetup is for developers.

Let’s learn how to build apps for the SAFE Network!

Here are some examples of open source apps that have been built using the REST API exposed by SAFE Launcher:


@DavidMtl will first explain what SAFE Launcher is and why developers should use it. He will then present the high-level APIs (Authorization, NFS and DNS) exposed by SAFE Launcher. He will also demo 2 apps he built: SafeEditor and SafeNote.

@frabrunelle will present the new low-level APIs (Structured Data, Immutable Data, Appendable Data and Data Identifier) exposed by SAFE Launcher. He will then explain the first 2 tutorials of the SAFE Dev Tutorials series. He will also talk about the new SAFE API Docs website.

Both presentations will be in French. See this blog post for more info.


Will this presentation be recorded and later uploaded?

If the question above is yes, will there be subtitles. I’m not a devs, but wouldn’t it be handy to have a poll and ask the devs which language they prefer? French is difici

I would love to see a presentation, like the safecrossroads it gives a better picture of the SAFE Network.

No, it’s unlikely to be recorded :slight_smile: We won’t have a lot of time to prepare for this event.

It should be considered as a practice :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe we could redo it again later (in English) and record it.


I’m paying 100 euro’s to whoever goes to this event and make a good recording. Pay out will take place after you upload the video for all to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @frabrunelle and keep up the good work sir


Yeah can’t someone just even simply click the “Voice Memo” app on anyone’s smartphone and get a general sound recording please?

Takes 2 seconds and then we can translate ourselves. I thought of this at my last Meetup and would like to do it at future ones

For the curious, feel free to fork it.


And here are my slides :slight_smile:

I was a bit unprepared, but overall it was a good event and I was really happy to see @DavidMtl! I think his talk was super interesting :smiley:

And we also took a bunch of time to answer many questions from the audience :smile: Thanks to everyone who attended!


Presentation looks neat, nicely done Francis.

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