An Introduction to MeshedSites


Thanks for sharing this @hamiltino this 1 cool project.
2 bad that everything is centralized through, but that could be changed.

Maybe they should just put up a meshedsites.bit


It wouldn’t have to be centralized once we have MaidSafe… Just another example of how the whole is greater than the sum of it’s projects perhaps.


Yeah its pretty cool, i just set up a blog and it was really easy. Defiantly the easiest and smoothest experience i have had so far compared to similar projects (e.g. i2p, freenet). If they can just integrate namecoin or something similar instead of using a centralized “DNS”.

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goddam, xttp is really good. Good aesthetic choice.

Did you need to sign up with the bittorrent sync beta api program? Or did you just get it to work? I was having some trouble.

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out.

I’ve developed a decentralized blogging platform that uses a JSON
database to store blog entries. It contains a browser-based editor that
supports the Markdown syntax for creating or updating blog posts. Saving
blog posts generates a link to a downloadable JSON database, which can
be stored along with the project. This allows quasi-dynamic content on a
completely static site—no Web server is required. MeshedSites’
centralized and decentralized blogs are both using this platform. You can download it on GitHub.

This is both a great example of how SAFE can support a dynamic website, and something we can use to offer it from day one. Same for the way the browser plugin works - he’s done a great job of implementing exactly what we need. Brilliant!

With SAFE, though, this project would be even better I think because he can use SAFE’s decentralised “DNS” to eliminate the centralisation risk and the need to sync entire sites to the local machine.

UPDATE: Jeeze there’s more, @russell @benjaminbollen get this:

I am working with some other people to develop two more open-source
projects that will be released soon on GitHub. The first is a
decentralized white-boarding application with built-in chat features.
This will allow users to collaborate on projects without sharing
sensitive data over an uncontrolled company’s servers. The second is a
browser-based four-track music-recording studio that will allow
musicians to remotely collaborate on ideas and exchange recordings for
remixing. I think this would be an excellent use of BitTorrent Sync,
because the size of some audio files makes hosting on a centralized site
impossible without employing large databases.

Maybe someone contact Ian Maxwell of and ask him if he’s aware of Project SAFE and if he has any plans to port to it because blah blah…?


If not part of the core team we could sure appreciate him as a builder for sure.


Brilliant that folk are doing this saves us from explaining howto over and over again. Now on launch we need to ensure we have the API to at least allow this. I have @Viv on alert and looking so we will see. It would help with a ton of questions and people saying its not possible etc. etc. so very cool find. I feel a slight lessening weight on my shoulders with this kind of thing.

They said we were mad, we are! and proud to be crazy, lets challenge everything like we do and let the products speak for themselves. I hope this is something that can help prove decentralised apps easily and we can move on and build some of them. It will possibly show the beginnings or seeds of what is possible and then the builders can grow from there. There are a plethora of other ways as well but as a good start this should be perfect I think.

Great stuff.


I was thinking this exact thing as I was reading through all the “this is impossible” comments on “The Server Needs to Die” article. People are already doing parts of it and maidsafe just happens to be doing it all together. Thanks for that…


Hello, I’m new here… and i’m the creator of MeshedSites. I was directed to this forum from a reddit chat a few weeks back. i’m currently trying to expand meshesites’ features… Mainly getting rid of my centralized DNS model. I’m a little unclear if MaidSafe can achieve this. I’ve got a namecoin prototype that should be ready for general consumption in a month or so depending on how much time I have to work on it.

I’m curious if I can integrate MaidSafe and MeshedSites in other ways. Can you all give me some suggestions on where start building a MaidSafe app? Are there currently any prebuilt applications using the MaidSafe technology that I can experiment with to better understand how it works? I went to the MaidSafe Examples page and didn’t really see anything there to get a feel for how it works.


Hi @bluewires, I’ve been hoping you’d join us as your work seems an ideal fit for SAFE network - for example the browser solution I’m sure can be adapted and I hope someone here will pick up on that if you don’t do so yourself.

You are correct that there are no APP samples yet, but they are imminent (@Viv can update us perhaps on how imminent). In the mean time you might start by building the code from github, so when the samples arrive you’re set.

@dirvine will no doubt answer any specific technical queries, but more generally I can say that MaidSafe replaces all the internet protocols, providing its own message routing (with IPs stripped after the first hop). So DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP all disappear once you are on SAFE network. Bridges such as browser plugins will provide a gateway from the old internet (e.g. using a “safe::” prefix instead of “http://”, until we have a native browser (and later an OS booted off SAFE).



Hey @bluewires welcome to the forum, glad to have you join the group.

As @happybeing mentioned we are working towards the examples that will demonstrate these features on the SAFE network. We are currently in the process of releasing the Authentication example which has seen a few delays over the last few weeks. Everything related to this example is currently in the next branch of the Super project and example_002 branch of the examples project. Once the issues with the testnet are resolved, we should have this out and move to the next example that should highlight the features of Drive-VFS on the network. @dirvine has also been working in encrypt which should get the NFS API interaction with encrypt a lot more solid.

Currently we are about three main examples away from having an example highlight public site’s such as this on the network.

  • Authentication
  • Private data on VFS Drive
  • MPID - registering public Id’s and contacts
  • Public Shares on VFS drive that can host web content.

There are to be examples for MPID use-cases for apps like messengers too, however these three would be essential to the public shares example. If you are following this forum and looking out for these examples, it should definitely help you get started. Once we get closer to the public shares example, if you have any ideas about how you would prefer the API to expose the shares feature, we’d be more than interested to hearing your ideas and hopefully get the API to cater for it in it’s first iteration.

Sorry about the delay with Examples, testnet performance and bugfixes have had the guys locked down for a while. With the team expanding, release cycle duration for examples should start coming down soon.


Thanks @Viv… the suspense is building. I think you’ve been taking private advice from @russell on how to build interest before a release :wink:


Not sure whether meshedsites has had any activity of late. I want to built a test app on it but am having problems with uploading my site I have on Bittorrent Sync. Anyone else tried using it lately?