An interesting community app for the safe network

Hey all,

This is an interesting use case for decentralized networks.

It is a collaborative content producing app/site that lets the community build a work of art together. Whether it is writing a book or composing music, you can turn an idea into reality quite quickly. Something like this could be a killer app for the SAFE network.

For the record, I don’t really like Joseph’s solution currently because he’s (and his producer buddies) simply looking to make money off of the work of others. But in a decentralized solution, the collaborators all should be able to make money off of their work, not the investors in the website.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt runs that community. They share in revenue between producers of all art/music/etc of all products created…a great use case for possible SAFE micro payments for sure!


I advocate for this as well! I plan on doing a collaborative music project locally with musicians and if a site like this was on the safe network I would send EVERYONE in that direction


I agree, JGL is just looking to make money off other people. We need a true community driven solution, where preferably 100% of the revenue goes directly towards the people who contributed to that work of art.