An example of Sponsored Spin in Anand Tech

On the one side is the Pop Corn time model which will end up on SAFE and a little further down is the Netflix model which is still a server model but its ad free, and further down worse even than subscription ad based cable is the console model, even the hardware is exclusive. On the plus side, disk is tied to used games and the actual quality of wares isn’t that bad and it gives parents a reprieve. Still, the console business sucks its a pure gateway business designed to crank up profits by reducing access. This is a pure example of artificial scarcity Its very low profit efficiency, and riddled with supplier manipulation and barriers to entry.

So here is artificial scarcity preserving sponsored media Anand Tech (which used to be much less hook in the ass) throwing in its useless spin on how to protect the gateway at which fat corporations feed:

“Meanwhile for non-SHIELD owners hoping to take advantage of GRID, it’s looking like you will be out of luck. NVIDIA is currently only talking about GRID for SHIELD device owners, which is consistent with their use over the last few years of value add features to drive hardware sales. GRID exists to sell SHIELD consoles, not for NVIDIA to get into the business of running a game streaming service.
In fact the launch of a commercial version of the GRID service is something of a change in direction for the company. NVIDIA’s original plans for GRID involved partnering with game streaming start-up Gaikai, a plan that came to a halt when Sony bought Gaikai and used them to build Playstation Now. Since then we haven’t seen any other serious contenders in the PC game streaming space, and NVIDIA for their part has opted to go it alone. Ryan Smith”

Gaikai was never viable, Nvidia never based any plans on what Gaikai (was always Sony marketing even prior to acquisition) was doing, although it might have hoped to patch things up with Sony and sell some server chips to Sony some day. Nvidia wanted to sell its server chips into the wider market hoping game streaming would take off because the PC was dying. A content strike has prevented this so it must now bait the content middlemen out of their role- which is no doubt part of the cost of the trojan Shield console. It didn’t want to get into the backwards console market anymore than Valve wanted to be in the custom PC market but PC was dying and walled garden console type stuff was popping up. It would prefer its X1s in actual mobile units. Nvidia still doesn’t want to be in the console market and it will exit that backward space as soon as possible as will Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. But in the mean time this looks like a Sony sponsored article trying to support the artificial scarcity censorship of their revenue supporting gateway. Here is the issue over and over again, its not necessary to lie people. The price of games must drop to below the cost of movies at the very least, and the amount going to the creative people who actually work in the industry must increase.